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10800 Zombies Instructions

10800 Zombies - the control scheme of this game is quite easy to pick up. This zombie game is played entirely with the keyboard: you can use the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D button for basic movement. By the way, the down arrow key / S button is for picking up weapons. To fire and obliterate whatever is on your way, just press or tap the Space Bar or X button. If the game is making you sweat and you want a moment of peace, just press the P button to pause the game. Once you are in the Pause Menu, you can go to the Main Menu by pressing the R button. To resume the game, just hit the P button once more and you are good to go. To change the volume of the music and sound effects, just press the + / - button. To mute everything, hit the M button. Well, I guess that's about everything you need to learn about the controls. Now, let's have a closer look at the game.

10800 Zombies Walkthrough

If blasting hordes after hordes of zombies sounds like a good idea to you, then you will love this zombie game - 10800 Zombies! In this action-packed platform shooter, you need to hop around a la Super Mario, pick up guns, blow up zombies to survive, and explore just about every corner of a level in search for items that will help you make it through. One thing that really makes this zombie game cool is that your vision is limited. The circular shading makes the game's environment EXTRA interesting... you never know what lies ahead so you got to be quick on your fingers if you are to survive. The chunky pixel graphics, the background blood splatter, and everything else add a nice effect to this fun survival / zombie game.

Now, before you start dreaming that this zombie game is perfect, let me tell you this: it is NOT! There's a serious problem with it, which I encountered. How serious? Well, it's game-breaking. What about dying from jumping? What about dying after killing zombies? I'm sure that's not supposed to happen. And to make matters worse, it doesn't just happen in mid-level. It also crops up as soon as you respawn. While this is random, it's still VERY annoying.

So are you still with me? Still want to play this platformer / survival / zombie game? Yeah? COOL! Now comes the fun part. To start off, if you are an achievement or award fan, there are not just 5, not just 10... BUT 21 different achievements that will surely keep you playing. To bag these trophies, you need to pull off a couple of streaks and stunts like clearing the game with Mazkirov (Fly To Victory), kill 400 zombies and enemies (Starting To Get Thirsty), find all of the secret weapons that the game has to offer (Sniffing Every Hole), kill A LOT of enemies by jumping on them (Pancakes Love), and those are just to name a few.

As I have mentioned earlier and hinted by one of the achievements, there are multiple weapons to pick up in this game. By far, however, the most common are the shotgun and your standard pistol, which has infinite ammo. Personally, I don't want to let go of the standard pistol. It may be the least damaging of all the weapons in the game, BUT it has infinite ammo. What use is a shotgun is you are out of bullets? You can't use it to hammer zombies a la Whack-A-Mole! If you want to have something to fall back to when other weapons run out of ammunition, keep the standard pistol.

Aside from the zombies, there are gunmen in the game and these guys are quite annoying to deal with. Armed with a shotgun, they deal A LOT of damage. Their weakness, however, is that they can't fire in rapid fashion like you do. Dodge their first bullet with a quick tap on the W or up arrow key and they will be vulnerable for the next 2 seconds or so.

Well, I'm not going to speak more about this game. It's fun and exciting aside from the bug mentioned earlier. Go check it out!