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13 Days After: Survival Instructions

A combination of mouse and keyboard controls are used in 13 Days After: Survival. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. The Q and E keys are used to cycle through weapons, or you may use the number keys (1-3) to select weapons. The R key is used to reload and the F key (or the 4 or M keys) are used to switch firing modes. The P key pauses the game.

13 Days After: Survival Walkthrough

If you are a fan of the survival-horror genre of games, then you might want to check out 13 Days After: Survival, the sequel to 13 Days in Hell. This zombie game features simple controls, breathtaking graphics, and additional weapons compared to its predecessor.

The gameplay of 13 Days After: Survival is reminiscent of the popular The Last Stand series of zombie games. Like in The Last Stand, your objective is escape the zombie-infested city. Along the way, you will meet survivors, find new weapons and supplies, and of course, battle zombies! Your game is saved in one of five slots, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

The mouse is the primary control device of 13 Days After: Survival, but some keyboard controls are also employed. Point and click to shoot your current weapon. The Q and E keys are used to cycle through weapons, or you may use the number keys (from 1-3) to select weapons directly. Reloading occurs automatically when your weapon is out of ammo (provided that you have spare ammunition in stock), but it may be a good idea to reload manually when there are lulls in the action by pressing the R key (or the spacebar). Some weapons have alternative firing modes. Firing modes can be switched by using the F key (or you may also use the 4 key or M key).

While you will be doing the majority of the grunt work in 13 Days After: Survival, survivors are extremely useful in this zombie game. Survivors are used to search for weapons, supplies, and other survivors; they can even help you to fight zombies! At the start of this shooting game, you will probably want to find more powerful weapons. I advise you to allocate at least one survivor to search for weapons. After you have a decent arsenal, you should order the survivors to find additional survivors. The more survivors that you have, the easier it will be to find items and more survivors. Survivors can also be put on the firing line in heavily-infested areas or in situations where other duties are already fulfilled.

Fans of point-and-click shooting games will certainly have a blast playing 13 Days After: Survival. Casual gamers will appreciate the simple controls, while zombie fans will love the survival-horror setting!