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13 More Days In Hell Instructions

A first person shooting zombie game a la Counter Strike, the controls of 13 More Days In Hell should be very familiar especially to those who have played games from the same genre. For basic movement, you will use the W, A, S, and D keys. On the other hand, you can go for the arrow keys as an alternative to the default movement keys. When it comes to shooting down the undead, you will use your mouse - (1) move your mouse and aim for the zombie, I'd recommend aiming for his head. (2) Once done, press the left mouse button to pull the trigger. Rinse and repeat until the zombie dies. There are multiple weapons in the game. To pull up those weapons, you have the number keys 1 to 5. Changing weapons is also very easy: you can use the keyboard's Q and E buttons. Or, if you want something quicker, you can use your mouse's scroll wheel. When you are out of ammo, just press R or the Space Bar button to reload. To interact with other characters you see in the game, press the X button. When you are running low on health, press H to use the health potion and restore your hit points. If you need to take a break from the action, just press P to pause and press it again to resume. By the way, these are the default controls. You can change them, however, by going to the Control Set Up panel right at the beginning of the game and take it from there. You can also change the mouse and camera's sensitivity from that section.

13 More Days In Hell Walkthrough

How does it look like in Hell? Is it filled with zombies and lost souls? Will you find a forever burning furnace there? Well, no one can tell for sure BUT 13 Days In Hell is a game that tries to show you what it's like. This is a zombie game, which is a sequel to the game 13 Days In Hell. HOWEVER, the game play here is quite different. For one thing, you need to wander through the 3D environment.

The goal is very straightforward: you are stuck in a nightmare called hell for another 13 days. The Guardian, who I think is Undertaker from WWE, gives you challenges which is by no means easy. You need to achieve those goals set by Under... I mean Guardian. Live through the nightmare fighting the zombies and lost souls for 13 days and get out of it alive. When you start the game, you are asked to pick a name and select the difficulty for the game - Easy, Normal or Difficult. If you are a newbie to the game, I would highly suggest that you settle for the Easy mode first. Don't get too cocky and jump to difficult mode right away.

I picked the easy mode and I had a hard time dealing with the challenges right from the onset... right from the very first level. And that's coming from someone who has spent his childhood playing Counter Strike, Serious Sam, and other first person shooters. I tried to play it safe... keeping a safe distance from attackers and shooting them from afar. This makes sense as they are melee zombies (and I doubt zombies are smart enough to carry guns). HOWEVER, time and time again, they are able to close the gap and slash me. They are fast and they take a lot of shots before they are taken down. I often found myself reloading in the middle of the shootout... and getting whacked heavily by these zombies.

Also, another factor that made the game difficult is that the mouse's sensitivity isn't that good. There's some sort of delay and it takes quite a bit to get used too. Even with those caveats, however, I think this is one of the decent first person shooters and zombie games out there. I'd recommend playing it alone and at night for the extra dose of scare!