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24 days in the mall Instructions

Move vehicle left with 'a'. Move vehicle right with 'd'. Fire with left mouse button. Select weapon with number keys.

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24 Days In The Mall is a classic online zombie game that follows the standard rule - zombies are bad and must be killed before they can penetrate the barricade and wreak their zombie havoc. This game switches it up a little bit in that instead of having to defend the right side of the game screen from the zombies attacking from the left, you have to defend the bottom of your screen from the zombies attacking from above. It's the same basic principal with a bit of a twist. The great thing about this game, however, is what it does differently from all of the other games. You are in a truck at the bottom of the screen armed with a wide variety of different, upgradeable weapons that make taking out the zombies a bit more interesting. Each weapon comes with its own strengths and weaknesses so knowing which weapon to use when will take a little bit of trial and error.

You are given the choice of several different weapons which you can choose from using the number keys on your keyboard. '1' gives you regular bullets. These bullets are an alright option but they don't deliver much damage and are a bit slow to fire. The advantage they offer is that they are available in a much higher quantity and you can upgrade to an unlimited supply. '2' gives you Acid. Acid is great for short range attacks and close combat. '3' gives you frost which is basically the opposite of acid. It is great for long range attacks. It is rapid fire but delivers very little damage. '4' gives you electric. Electric is a great way to take out multiple zombies at once as long as you use them correctly. You will hit the zombie you aim at as well as zombies to their left and right. Fire into a crowd of zombies for the best effect. '5' gives you fire. Fire is a great choice. It takes out the enemy you hit and the zombie immediately behind it. This is also a great weapon for crowds of zombies. '6' gives you explosive which is, without question the best weapon available to you. It will not only take out the enemy you hit but multiple enemies in any direction.

24 Days In The Mall also gives you the option of playing in 'Story Mode' or 'Free Bullets' mode. As you progress in story mode, you will unlock new modes of game play; 'Shoot Em Up' mode and 'The Transporter' mode. Each one offers new and interesting challenges and all will keep you on your toes. Each of the 24 levels of the game offers you brand new challenges you need to complete to pass the level. For each level you pass, you get a certain amount of 'time'. This 'time' can be used to purchase upgrades in the shop to make your attacks more effective. Use your 'time' wisely though as it doesn't automatically refill at the end of each level.

Based on the 28 Days Weeks and Later movies, this game gets more and more challenging with each level as you are faced with more zombies and new challenges. Will you be able to protect the wall through all 24 levels?