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All We Need Is Brain Instructions

All We Need Is Brain is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to place brains. Some levels require players to use the mouse to shoot zombies. The R key is used to reset levels.

All We Need Is Brain Walkthrough

All We Need Is Brain is a puzzle game where players must awaken zombies only to kill them again! This zombie game features cartoon graphics, autosaving, and twenty-five levels!

The objective in All We Need Is Brain is to kill all zombies in each stage. Zombies are lured from their graves by their favorite delicacy, human brains! After they have been awakened from their graves, zombies can be killed by a variety of means such as drowning, being crushed by boulders, or being shot. When all zombies have been killed, you will proceed to the next level of this zombie game. If you need to restart a level, you may do so by clicking the reset button in the lower-right corner of the screen or by pressing the R key.

The initial levels of All We Need Is Brain are straightforward and help you to learn the game mechanics. Use your mouse to drop brains that will lure zombies out of their graves. Zombies are hungry (or stupid) enough to travel in a straight line to try to eat the brain, so they will fall to their own deaths if there are gaps in the terrain or activate any traps in their path. When new concepts are introduced in this zombie game, you will be prompted at the beginning of the level with hints.

It is important to note that the scent of brains travels horizontally and has a limited range. Zombies will be lured to the closest brain to them, regardless of any traps or hazards that are in the way. Brains are used to lure out zombies in this puzzle game, but they can be used to weigh down objects or trigger events that will lead to the demise of the undead. Use the brain in your noggin to figure out how to use the brains in the game to reach your goal.

All We Need Is Brain is a zombie game where you will have to use your brains, literally and figuratively! The twenty-five levels are not as extensive as the levels in some puzzle games, but if you need to take a break, remember that you can come back and continue from where you left off at a later time.