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All We Need Is Brain 2 Instructions

All We Need Is Brain 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to place brains. Some levels require players to use the mouse to shoot zombies. The R key is used to reset levels.

All We Need Is Brain 2 Walkthrough

All We Need Is Brain 2 is the sequel to the puzzle game, All We Need Is Brain. This iteration of the zombie game features improved graphics, new ways to dispatch of the undead, and thirty new levels!

The objective in All We Need Is Brain 2 is the same as it was in the first All We Need Is Brain, lure out zombies and kill them all! If you have played the precursor of this zombie game, then picking up this one will be easy since the same gameplay mechanics and controls apply. There are thirty levels in all and the game is automatically saved upon the completion of each. If you need to take a break, you can continue from where you left off or retry levels to improve your score.

Like in the first All We Need Is Brain, zombies are lured out of their graves by the scent of fresh human brains in this zombie game. Zombies will move in a straight line to feast upon the nearest brain, completely oblivious to any traps or hazards in the way. All We Need Is Brain 2 retains some of the classic methods of dealing with zombies that were present in the first game, but adds new objects to stages as well. This zombie game will give hints at the beginning of levels where new methods and items are introduced.

This zombie game also features coins that can be collected to increase your score. Coins are collected by causing a brain to come into contact with it. Some coins are easy to collect and simply require you to drop a brain on it, while others will require more thought. Collecting coins is a good score-increasing challenge, but be sure not to waste brains on coins that you need to lure and kill zombies.

All We Need Is Brain 2 does not reinvent the series, but it retains the charm of its predecessor like a good sequel should. If you enjoyed the first All We Need Is Brain, then you will love this zombie game!