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Boxhead 2Play Rooms Instructions

In Single Player Mode: Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Move up using the up arrow key. Move down using the down arrow key. Shoot using 'space'. Change weapons (when more than one weapon is available) using number keys 1-9. In Multiplayer mode: Player One moves left using left arrow key, right using the right arrow key, up using the up arrow key, down using the down arrow key, shoots using '/' key and changes weapons (when available) using '.' and ',' punctuation keys. Player two moves left using 'a', right using 'd', up using 'w', down using 's', shoots using 'space' and change weapons using 'q' and 'e' keys.

Boxhead 2Play Rooms Walkthrough

Bambo is back once in Boxhead 2Play Rooms, the exciting follow up to the destined to be classic zombie game Boxhead. This one takes the solid foundation laid down by the original game and improves on it offering three modes of play, ten rooms, new weapons and all new zombies to defeat. If you like killing zombies and working to get a high score, you're going to absolutely love this game. The greatest thing about this game is also what really sets it apart from most of the other zombie games online - the addition of 'multiplayer' mode. Instead of having to fend off hordes of zombies on your own, you can enlist a friend to help you. You will use the controls on one side of the keyboard while your friend uses the other. Together, you'll take on the zombies and do everything you can to stay alive for as long as possible.

The basic premise behind Boxhead 2Play Rooms isn't terribly uncommon in the world of online zombie games. There has been a zombie outbreak and you need to kill them or be killed yourself. Like many of the other zombie games in the genre, you're able to collect new weapons as you play but instead of purchasing them from an upgrade store using points or finding them scattered on the ground they're given to you as a reward for getting a high multiplier. The idea behind the multiplier is pretty simple. Every time you kill a zombie, your multiplier increases by one. Kill zombies as quickly as you can to earn a bigger multiplier. Over time, your multiplier decreases if you haven't gotten a kill. The tricky part is the rate at which your multiplier decreases speeds up as your multiplier climbs. If you want to get the highest multiplier possible, you'll need to be quick. Better weapons will improve your performance in this area. Of course, the catch 22 here is that you need to get your multiplier up in order to get those new weapons. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't. As you play, you'll understand how the multiplier works a little better and you'll be able to figure out the best way to increase it quickly.

There are several characters in Boxhead 2Play Rooms that you may want to familiarize yourself with. The main character is, of course, Boxhead hero Bambo. His back story is pretty interesting so it's worth taking a moment or two to check it out. Basically, Bambo blew up an army base by accident - oops - resulting in his discharge from the army. He ended up in jail shortly after when he was harassed by small town cops during his journey to travel the length of the country. After serving four years in jail, he is released to try to take out the zombies in the Boxhead Rooms. This is where the game begins. Bon is a SWAT team member and a member of the US SWAT association. He has joined forces with outlaw Bambo to help cleanse 'the Rooms' of the various ghouls within. Bind is a secret agent on loan from England. He's basically here to supply intelligence on where the zombies can be found. He likes women, England and close combat. Sergeant Bert Boxman, or simply 'Bert', is a gun for hire that has been involved in wars of the secret variety around the world. He is a former marine hired by the people of Boxville to rid the town of the plague of zombies lunching on its citizens.

Along with the variety of characters, you'll also encounter two different types of baddies - the zombies and the devils. It's not really all that hard to tell them apart. Zombies are grayish in color with black heads. Devils are red. Zombies are fairly easy to take out as long as you can keep your distance. They are melee fighters and are only really strong opponents in large groups. The zombies were once residents of Boxville that have been inflicted with the zombie virus. Devils are a bit of a different story. They're much harder to kill than zombies. Devils are also able to shoot fireballs. Fireballs are definitely hazardous to your health. Keeping your distance often isn't enough with zombies. The key to taking out devils is to hit them right away with quick fire weapons such as the Uzi. Don't give the devil a chance to shoot his fireballs and try to stay clear of other swarms of zombies and you should do fine.

The real trick to doing well in Boxhead 2Play Rooms is to make sure you keep your multiplier up so you can get better weapons. Upgraded weapons are vital to your survival in this game; especially when you're facing devils. If you're confronted with a swarm of zombies and a devil, focus on taking out the devil first. The devil cannot shoot fireballs while you're shooting at him. Use that to your advantage. If you keep moving and keep your distance, you should be able to take out the devil without taking any damage from the zombies. Remember, zombies are slow and stupid. They're pretty much easy picking. Finally, watch the explosive weapons like the rocket launcher. While taking out a whole whack of zombies and devils at once is appealing make sure there is a lot of distance between you and what you want to die before you even consider firing the rocket launcher. The blow back from the shot can take you out just as quickly as the zombies can and that's definitely not something you want.

Overall, Boxhead 2Play Rooms is an entertaining zombie game that offers a neat premise, lots of fun weapons and tons of zombies to take out. If you're a blood thirsty zombie hunter, this is definitely a game you need to check out. While many other zombie games throw a lot of complicated rules and controls at you, this one keeps things simple. You shoot and you kill - the faster the better. That multiplier will be your best friend in this game, so don't take it lightly. Kill quickly and you'll be handsomely rewarded. In truth, this one might be a little too difficult for newcomers to zombie games at first, but once you've played a few times you'll find it a lot easier. Alternatively, more experienced zombie game players are going to find this one a bit too easy in the beginning but it gets more difficult as the game progresses so stick with it. Regardless of your skill or experience level, if you're a fan of zombie games, this is one you need to play.