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Boxhead: The Nightmare Instructions

W, A, S, D to move around, left click to shoot, mouse to aim, scroll/numbers 1-6 to change weapons.

Boxhead: The Nightmare Walkthrough

The Boxhead series continues with the colosseum-style Nightmare edition. In Boxhead the Nightmare, you're a lone warrior who is fighting through endless waves of zombies for no apparent reason. But who cares? It's fun!

You've got a group of turrets to back you up on the left side of the field, but don't let them do all the work, since the zombies will tear through them pretty quick if you don't play a good defense game. Unlike previous Boxhead games, you have all of the basic weapons in the beginning: Knife, pistol, Uzi, M16, and barrels to form barricades with. The M16 is really the only option in the early game, since it's fully automatic and mows through those undead pretty quick. The trademark of the Boxhead series is the emphasis on quick kills to keep your combo up -- the faster you kill, the faster your points rack up and the more money you'll earn. Don't be too upset when your combo plummets in the 15 seconds between levels.

The Boxhead the Nightmare upgrade system is a little different than most. You must upgrade one feature of your weapon all the way before the next one becomes available, and then you'll have to upgrade that one before you get the next feature, and so on. We recommend spending most, but not all, of your points on the M16. You can upgrade your own personal stats too: Accuracy, Speed, Health, and a nifty 360-degree shooting skill. The upgrade screen is only accessible between levels (it comes up automatically), so don't count on being able to reload during a fight. This is why we advised against dumping everything into the M16, since you'll eventually run out of ammo in the later levels and have to switch to something else, so here's hoping you put a few points into a backup weapon.

You pay for upgrades with Boins that you pick up (yes, Boins). The game will pick them up for you automatically, but they're worth more if you walk over them yourself, so try to grab as many as you can. You must pay to reload your weapon between levels, so don't blow all of your money on upgrades -- save a few hundred so you have plenty of ammo.

Don't go too far to the right, since zombies will continue spawning close to your base, and will quickly tear down your turrets if you're not close by to stop them.

Watch out for the devil zombies! Their flame shot is a killer! Once you're a few waves in, your turrets will become adept as taking out the devils quickly, but don't let them do all the work, since the devils' flame attack will destroy a turret in one shot. You can't replace a turret once it's gone. Draw their attention towards you, dodge the fireball while unloading on them, and they'll be out in no time.

You'll be fighting your way through 50 waves of increasingly difficult zombies in Boxhead the Nightmare, so you'll need to think quickly as more and more brain-munchers pour onto the field. Once you've cleared the first game and gotten some blood on your shirt, test your mettle with all the other battle modes. Post your high score and see how you stack up against the rest of the world!