Defense Games

Tower defense games - they are very addictive. You could spend hours on a day building defenses, beating off creep waves, repairing your defensive systems, beefing them up with upgrades...and here's what, you don't even realize how much time you have spent!

Zombie games, on the other hand, are fun, thrilling, and can make you jump out of your seats especially if that undead guy almost bit you - thanks to your tried and trusted rifle, you are able to fend him off.

Anyway, what about mixing these 2 great genres? Well, when you mix the best of tower defense games with the best of zombie games, this page is what you get! has the best zombie defense games you could ever lay your hands on.

Check out our top zombie defense games list - oozing with games that are top notch in graphics, games with unique game play, games that rely more on good thinking and strategy rather than mindless action, and everything else in between.

I can go all day talking about how fun the games here are, BUT I won't. Playing is infinitely better. Log in, play, and see what I'm talking about.

Top Defense Games

Play Rebuild 2

#1: Rebuild 2


Rebuild 2 is the sequel to the zombie game, Rebuild. Like its predecessor, Rebuild 2 combines the survival horror aspects of games such as The Last Stand with the management aspects of simulation games like SimCity. Instead of going on the...

Number of plays: 92,795

Play Curse Village

#2: Curse Village


Curse Village is a great online zombie game similar to many other zombie games online. Your goal is to defend the barricade on the right side of the screen from the attacking zombies coming from the left side of the...

Number of plays: 86,035

Play 24 days in the mall

#3: 24 days in the mall


24 Days In The Mall is a classic online zombie game that follows the standard rule - zombies are bad and must be killed before they can penetrate the barricade and wreak their zombie havoc. This game switches it up...

Number of plays: 78,678

Play Minifig Zombie TD

#4: Minifig Zombie TD


Minifig Zombie TD is a unique and addictive zombie game that pits you against waves of zombies who want nothing more than to follow the path from their graves straight to your home. Naturally, this is something you want to...

Number of plays: 78,245

Play Lord Of War II

#5: Lord Of War II


Lord of War II is an excellent zombie game that breaks away from the mold of typical zombie games and adds a heavy dose of strategy, planning and careful thinking. Is this game, the goal isn't to aim and shoot,...

Number of plays: 77,382

Play Corpse Craft

#6: Corpse Craft


Corpse Craft definitely isn't your typical online zombie game. Part puzzle game and part zombie game, Corpse Craft is a perfect marriage of both of these excellent game genres. You have to plan your attacks carefully if you want to...

Number of plays: 64,216

Play Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED!

#7: Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED!


Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled begins with the end of the world. Everything is in ruins and zombies are threatening to attack your city. You need to ward them off. To do that, you have automatic gun turrets to take them...

Number of plays: 51,778

Play Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion

#8: Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion


Hold the Line: Zombie Invasion is one of the best online zombie games out there; combining the fun of a good, bloody zombie game with the challenge of a first person shooter game. The game starts off a bit easy...

Number of plays: 49,828

Play When The Plague Came

#9: When The Plague Came


When the Plague Came is one of the most unique zombie games you'll come across - combining a few genres of gameplay, you'll find yourself scrambling to keep up with everything this game throws at you. Whether it's defense, offense,...

Number of plays: 49,680

Play Zombie Trailer Park

#10: Zombie Trailer Park


Here's the story in one of the most exciting Zombie games you could lay your hands on - the zombies have already taken over the Metropolis and left it in dust. The good news is tha you are living in...

Number of plays: 47,158

Play Endless Zombie Rampage 2

#11: Endless Zombie Rampage 2


Sometimes an excellent game will get a little success, produce a sequel and completely ruin the legacy of the original. That's always a sad thing; especially for fans of the original game. That is not the case with this game....

Number of plays: 33,440

Play Radio Zed

#12: Radio Zed


The goal in Radio Zed is quite different from other zombie games out there - protect your radio transmitter from the onslaught of zombies! You along with your 2 friends are stuck in a small town... with your supplies running...

Number of plays: 33,097

Play Dead of Night

#13: Dead of Night


Dead of Night is a straightforward defense game. This zombie game features isometric graphics, superb audio, and challenging gameplay. The objective of Dead of Night is to survive as long as you can against waves of zombies. Zombies will try to...

Number of plays: 28,052

Play Endless Zombie Rampage

#14: Endless Zombie Rampage


Endless Zombie Rampage is an entertaining and addictive zombie game that offers everything anyone could ever want in a zombie game. This game is really everything a zombie game should be. It's challenging, but doesn't feel impossible. It can be...

Number of plays: 26,108

Play Generic Defense Game

#15: Generic Defense Game


Generic Defense Game is one awesome little zombie game. In all honesty, this game may possible by my favorite of all the zombie games I've played online. The game is unique, entertaining, has fun graphics and can be customized in...

Number of plays: 25,262

Play The Pocalypse Defense

#16: The Pocalypse Defense


The Pocalypse Defense is a defense game that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. This zombie game features an amazing soundtrack, incredible isometric sprite graphics, and outstanding gameplay. The objective of The Pocalypse Defense is to defend the city of New...

Number of plays: 19,906

Play Last Line of Defense

#17: Last Line of Defense


The domain of men have gone into chaos and collapsed as the Ravager virus has mutated almost everyone into blood thirsty zombies. You, together with a handful of others, form the last line of defense! Pooling your remaining stockpile of...

Number of plays: 19,048

Play Shattered Colony

#18: Shattered Colony


In Shattered Colony, you'll be using tactics and strategic thinking to reclaim areas that have been overrun with the undead. You'll do this by using workshops, snipers, barricades, and depots in each level, fighting off the zombie invasion until you're...

Number of plays: 17,164

Play Marching Zombies

#19: Marching Zombies


The undead in this zombie game are NOT out for a casual troll. They are out for blood and they are marching... and they are marching in your direction! You got to do whatever you can to stop this advance....

Number of plays: 16,156

Play Robots vs Zombies

#20: Robots vs Zombies


Robots vs Zombies is a shooting game with tower defense game elements. Robots vs Zombies features detailed graphics, twenty-one levels, and ten achievements. The objective of Robots vs Zombies is to protect your cores from zombies that are trying to capture...

Number of plays: 15,190

Play Monster Mowdown 2

#21: Monster Mowdown 2


Monster Mowdown 2 is the sequel to the zombie shooting game, Monster Mowdown. Monster Mowdown 2 features sprite graphics similar to those of its predecessor, but contains more dynamic gameplay, numerous upgrades, and a variety of weapons! The objective of Monster...

Number of plays: 14,609

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    Zombotron 2 is the sequel to the zombie game, Zombotron. Zombotron 2 retains the gameplay that mad its predecessor a...

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    Decision 2: New City is the exciting sequel to the zombie game, Decision. Decision 2: New City retains the same...

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    Zombudoy is a defense game similar to Palisade Guardian, but instead of fighting enemy troops, you will be facing zombies!...

  • Zomboz 2 Thumbnail

    Zomboz 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Zomboz. Zomboz 2 features the same gameplay of its predecessor, but...

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    Zomballoons is another zombie shooting game. Unlike most zombie games, Zomballoons has a more humorous air (no pun intended) to...

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    Balloons vs. Zombies 2 is the sequel to the shooting game / physics game hybrid, Balloons vs. Zombies. Although this...