Fighting Games

Zombies - you usually fight them from afar - use guns, heavy artillery, and other weapons to make sure they don't get close enough to infect you. HOWEVER, for those of you who are spartans and barbarians by heart...guys who love hand to hand combat, this may NOT be fun and action packed enough.

BUT worry NOT. is here to the rescue! With our zombie fighting games, you are sure to whet your appetite for side scrolling hand to hand combat against zombies.

You can start at the 20th floor of a building and beat the crap out of every zombie that comes along your way! No, you don't just kill need to kill them in style - rack up combos, pull off stunts on your way to zombie domination. You can even go up against zombies and dinosaurs if you like. Weird as they may sound, these zombie fighting games have made it to our top list.

And RIGHTLY so. People play them day in and day out for very good reason. If you love zombie fighting games, this is a page you'd want to go back to over and over again.

Top Fighting Games

Play Zombie Exploder

#1: Zombie Exploder


You'll start on the 20th floor with this beat 'em up...but you'll quickly find that this zombie game is different than most. Using a unique fighting system, you'll be beating the dead to a pulp in style, racking up combos...

Number of plays: 110,224




Rabid is a classic online zombie game in which you have to take out all of the zombies that enter the room you're in without allowing them to kill you. Sure it sounds simple, but with nothing other than your...

Number of plays: 105,270

Play Urban Brawl

#3: Urban Brawl


Urban Brawl isn't like many of the other zombie games online. You aren't just given the task of shooting zombies to advance. Instead, you have to take out bunnies, zombies and dinosaurs to make it through this game. It is...

Number of plays: 101,756

Play RABID 2

#4: RABID 2


Rabid 2 is a great online zombie games that combines zombie games and fighting games. In this game your only purpose is to take out every zombie, mutant or other weird creature that appears in the level. Take out all...

Number of plays: 73,208

Play Zombies Attack Again

#5: Zombies Attack Again


The zombie apocalypse is upon us in Zombies Attack Again! And to make matters worse, you don't have any access to guns, bazookas, tanks, and other ranged and anti-zombie weapons that we are all used to. BUT you wouldn't allow...

Number of plays: 25,067

Play Sonny

#6: Sonny


Sonny - lovers of flash based RPG and zombie games have fallen in love with this game and for good reason. Aside from the fact that it doesn't do the beaten plot where a city is under attack by zombies...

Number of plays: 21,778

Play Sonny 2

#7: Sonny 2


All of a sudden, your eyes are wide open as the memories from your not so distant past flood your mind. It's still dark outside... just as dark as your mind that needs a lot of answers. BUT the most...

Number of plays: 19,437

Play Zombie Knight

#8: Zombie Knight


In a twist on the usual setting of hacking and slashing through hordes of the undead, in Zombie Knight, you ARE a zombie! On a quest to kill other zombies! You have been betrayed and turned into one of the...

Number of plays: 17,888

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