Shooting Games

Who can resist the joy of shooting down hordes and hordes of undead? It's one of my guilty pleasures. Watching those zombies charge at me endlessly while I hold on to the left click button and my machine gun goes berserk - zombie blood splattered all over the place, limbs and arms on your left, right, and center, and we are just getting started.

For sure folks, for many zombie game lovers out there, nothing beats a good old zombie shooting game during a boring afternoon. And if you are out to play nothing BUT the best, most exciting zombie shooting games, you are at the RIGHT place -!

Want to know what it feels like to be trapped in a city that is being subdued by zombies...a game where you can only trust yourself and your loyal rifle? What about taking down those zombies from afar with your sniper rifle - carefully aiming for that head and rejoicing as his brains splatter? Well, what about going back to the old wild, wild West where gunslingers and sheriffs rule the day...and instead of gunfighting, you need to defend the village from the undead?

Whatever zombie shooting game that you are looking for, this is the RIGHT place to play.

Top Shooting Games

Play Days2Die

#1: Days2Die


Days2Die is a great online zombie game in which you find yourself trapped in the midst of a zombie infestation. Your only means of escape is a boat waiting for you at the harbor. Your goal is to make it...

Number of plays: 728,556

Play The Last Stand 2

#2: The Last Stand 2


The second game in this thrilling series, The Last Stand 2 is everything you could want and more out of a zombie game. The graphics are entertaining and continuously changing so the game never feels boring or stale. The action...

Number of plays: 422,918

Play Days2Die - The Other Side

#3: Days2Die - The Other Side


Days2Die is one of the most in-depth online zombie games you'll ever find. There's both story and survival modes, numerous upgrades are available when it comes to weaponry, your character can level up, and you can hire mercenaries to help...

Number of plays: 410,100

Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2

#4: SAS: Zombie Assault 2


SAS: Zombie Assault 2 is an excellent online zombie game featuring loads of action, great graphics and excellent weapon upgrades to help you progress in the game. It definitely isn't an easy game, but it's a lot of fun. As...

Number of plays: 340,379

Play Modern Sniper Zero

#5: Modern Sniper Zero


Modern Sniper Zero is a great online zombie game combining the fun of zombie games with the fast reflexes and quick thinking of first person shooter games. In this game, you are a sniper and it is your job to...

Number of plays: 153,530

Play Zombie Canyon

#6: Zombie Canyon


Zombie Canyon is a fun little online zombie game that charges you with defending a town surrounding a canyon from a horde of zombies intent on chowing down on the poor hapless residents. As the town's occupants scurry about frantically...

Number of plays: 118,912

Play The Last Stand: Union City

#7: The Last Stand: Union City


Last Stand: Union City is an action packed side-scroller zombie killing game. You must fight your way through the undead infested Union City to freedom, while helping other survivors along the way. You have the ability to customize your character's...

Number of plays: 114,110

Play Squirt Man

#8: Squirt Man


Squirt Man is a fun, addictive zombie game everyone should play at least once. The graphics are colorful and entertaining and the game itself is surprisingly challenging. The premise is fairly standard fare in the zombie games genre - the...

Number of plays: 97,044

Play SAS: Zombie Assault

#9: SAS: Zombie Assault


SAS: Zombie Assault is an absolute classic in the online zombie game genre. This engrossing, addictive zombie killing fest is one of the best zombie games out there. Your goal couldn't be more simple. Kill the zombies and don't let...

Number of plays: 92,666

Play The Last Stand

#10: The Last Stand


In The Last Stand your goal is simple; survive as long as you can against increasingly difficult waves of zombie attacks. This isn't an uncommon theme in the zombie game genre. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a...

Number of plays: 91,980

Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum

#11: SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum


SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum is an excellent online zombie game that pits you against a horde of attacking zombies. Your goal is to kill as many zombies as you can without getting killed yourself. As the game...

Number of plays: 83,938

Play Bulwark 53

#12: Bulwark 53


Bulwark 53 is a tense, engrossing online zombie game that grabs your attention from the very beginning and holds it to the bloody end. All you know is that you've somehow escaped the war and wake up in an infirmary....

Number of plays: 79,943

Play Zombocalypse

#13: Zombocalypse


In Zombocalypse, you're the lone survivor after a world-wide disaster causes everyone to turn into the raging undead. You're dropped right into the action with nothing but a machete to fend off the zombies, and you'll collect weapons that are...

Number of plays: 68,261

Play Zombification

#14: Zombification


Zombification may seem like a simple online zombie game, but it focuses more on action than strategy - you'll have to run in guns-blazing more than you would with any other zombie game, especially since you're only going to have...

Number of plays: 58,984

Play Here To Collect

#15: Here To Collect


Here to Collect is a classic zombie game with an old west style feel. The game finds you in the middle of an old west saloon that is under siege by zombies. Your job is simple; get rid of the...

Number of plays: 57,066

Play Doom: Flatten Horizon

#16: Doom: Flatten Horizon


If you've ever played DOOM before, you'll be at home with this game. Using a top-down perspective, you'll be pitted against the original mix of zombies, demons, and possessed-humans the original DOOM gave us. You'll have to keep track of your...

Number of plays: 56,669

Play Zombie Dolls

#17: Zombie Dolls


So you're a HUGE fan of zombie games? Cool, perhaps you have played Plants Vs Zombies before? Yeah, that one was a HUGE hit. And if you are on the hunt for a Plants vs. Zombie-esque game, then Zombie Dolls...

Number of plays: 45,178

Play Devil House

#18: Devil House


Devil House is an awesome online zombie game that charges you with saving your friends from a zombie infestation. You have to do everything you can to fight off the zombies before they infect your friends. The more friends that...

Number of plays: 41,888

Play Boxhead

#19: Boxhead


Boxhead is the entertaining, yet simple, zombie game that kicked off the Boxhead series. The basic premise is pretty easy to understand. You need to save as many survivors as you can by following the arrows to the evacuation point....

Number of plays: 37,229

Play Zombies In Your Backyard

#20: Zombies In Your Backyard


What would you do if you woke up one fine morning to find living corpses in your yard? Calling the Ghostbusters wouldn't help; they deal with ghosts, not zombies. No, you would have to take care of the problem yourself!...

Number of plays: 36,144

Play Endless Zombie Rampage 2

#21: Endless Zombie Rampage 2


Sometimes an excellent game will get a little success, produce a sequel and completely ruin the legacy of the original. That's always a sad thing; especially for fans of the original game. That is not the case with this game....

Number of plays: 33,440

Play Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

#22: Boxhead: The Zombie Wars


The fifth game in the Boxhead series, Boxhead: The Zombie Wars, really kicks it up a notch and brings the blood fans of zombie games love so much. If you consider yourself a fan of zombie games - whether you're...

Number of plays: 33,334

Play Radio Zed

#23: Radio Zed


The goal in Radio Zed is quite different from other zombie games out there - protect your radio transmitter from the onslaught of zombies! You along with your 2 friends are stuck in a small town... with your supplies running...

Number of plays: 33,097

Play Big Pixel Zombies

#24: Big Pixel Zombies


While Big Pixel Zombies is not too different from your usual zombie games out there, it's still an excellent way to get that steam out during a hard day's work. In the game, you are stuck in some weird town...

Number of plays: 30,794

Play Undead Highway

#25: Undead Highway


Undead Highway is a top-down zombie shooting game. This zombie game features great graphics, an easy control scheme, and a wild variety of deadly weapons. The objective of Undead Highway is to travel down the highway and escape the zombie infestation....

Number of plays: 30,097

Play Zombies Ate My Phone

#26: Zombies Ate My Phone


Zombies Ate My Phone is a humorous zombie game. This shooting game features a variety of unconventional weapons, numerous upgrades, and excellent cartoon graphics. The objective of Zombies Ate My Phone is to save your friends from zombies and other monsters....

Number of plays: 29,321

Play Boxhead 2Play Rooms

#27: Boxhead 2Play Rooms


Bambo is back once in Boxhead 2Play Rooms, the exciting follow up to the destined to be classic zombie game Boxhead. This one takes the solid foundation laid down by the original game and improves on it offering three modes...

Number of plays: 28,538

Play Endless Zombie Rampage

#28: Endless Zombie Rampage


Endless Zombie Rampage is an entertaining and addictive zombie game that offers everything anyone could ever want in a zombie game. This game is really everything a zombie game should be. It's challenging, but doesn't feel impossible. It can be...

Number of plays: 26,108

Play Night of the Cursed

#29: Night of the Cursed


A good combination of zombie games and shooters PLUS some nice elements from the good, old, and addictive tower defense games. Add them altogether and this game is what you get - Night Of The Cursed. The plot of Night...

Number of plays: 24,821

Play Raze

#30: Raze


Nice graphics, tons of customization options, non stop action - if this is your thing, Raze is a game you simply should check out! It has all of these and a whole lot more. Here's the idea in Raze: you...

Number of plays: 24,395

Play Daytraders of the Dead

#31: Daytraders of the Dead


Zombie games and shooters - these games come in all sizes and sorts. Some of them are OK, just enough to stave off the boredom BUT nothing more. Some of them suck BIG time and would make you wish you...

Number of plays: 23,738

Play Nuclear Zombie 2000

#32: Nuclear Zombie 2000


If you were around for the turn of the millennium, you may recall the Y2K bug. Some people speculated that the Y2K bug would be the end of civilization as we knew it. Of course, this never happened in real...

Number of plays: 22,795

Play 13 More Days In Hell

#33: 13 More Days In Hell


How does it look like in Hell? Is it filled with zombies and lost souls? Will you find a forever burning furnace there? Well, no one can tell for sure BUT 13 Days In Hell is a game that tries...

Number of plays: 22,568

Play Zombotron

#34: Zombotron


In Zombotron, you're a space-age protagonist who must fight your way through levels which are infested with the undead. You start with a lowly pistol, but are able to upgrade to shotguns, automatic weapons, and more as you progress through...

Number of plays: 22,457

Play Bitejacker

#35: Bitejacker


Bitejacker is a zombie game based on the indie game review show, Bytejacker. This shooting game features personalities from the show, sprite graphics, 8-bit audio, and simple, arcade-style gameplay. The objective of Bitejacker is to survive the zombie onslaught and make...

Number of plays: 22,176

Play DAZ3.5

#36: DAZ3.5


DAZ3.5 is an engrossing, unique online zombie game that requires you to kill all of the enemies you encounter, from rats to zombies and other monster, and just try to stay alive. At the top of the screen, you will...

Number of plays: 21,537

Play Dude and Zombies

#37: Dude and Zombies


While it's a classic shoot-up-the-zombies game, Dude and Zombies does require quite a bit of strategy. You're dumped into the middle of nowhere with nothing but your car, a pistol, and the parts of your vehicle scattered around you. Zombies...

Number of plays: 21,446

Play 10800 Zombies

#38: 10800 Zombies


If blasting hordes after hordes of zombies sounds like a good idea to you, then you will love this zombie game - 10800 Zombies! In this action-packed platform shooter, you need to hop around a la Super Mario, pick up...

Number of plays: 19,919

Play Zombie Train

#39: Zombie Train


Zombie Train is an action-packed frenzy against the undead, in which you, as the unnamed protagonist, will be defending your train against the invading hordes of zombies. Your only defense will be your armory of weapons and the barricades that...

Number of plays: 19,162

Play Last Line of Defense

#40: Last Line of Defense


The domain of men have gone into chaos and collapsed as the Ravager virus has mutated almost everyone into blood thirsty zombies. You, together with a handful of others, form the last line of defense! Pooling your remaining stockpile of...

Number of plays: 19,048

Play Infinite Monsters

#41: Infinite Monsters


Infinite Monsters is a straightforward and action-packed zombie game. This shooting game features sprite graphics, simple controls, twelve achievements, and an upgrade system similar to that of a role-playing game. The objective of Infinite Monsters is to destroy an evil purple...

Number of plays: 18,249

Play Boxhead: The Nightmare

#42: Boxhead: The Nightmare


The Boxhead series continues with the colosseum-style Nightmare edition. In Boxhead the Nightmare, you're a lone warrior who is fighting through endless waves of zombies for no apparent reason. But who cares? It's fun! You've got a group of turrets to...

Number of plays: 17,068

Play 13 Days After: Survival

#43: 13 Days After: Survival


If you are a fan of the survival-horror genre of games, then you might want to check out 13 Days After: Survival, the sequel to 13 Days in Hell. This zombie game features simple controls, breathtaking graphics, and additional weapons...

Number of plays: 15,261

Play Insectonator: Zombie Mode

#44: Insectonator: Zombie Mode


Insectonator: Zombie Mode is the sequel to the shooting game, Insectonator and retains the same general gameplay of the previous game. In this iteration of the game, you must kill zombies instead of smashing bugs. Insectonator: Zombie Mode features three game...

Number of plays: 15,213

Play Monster Mowdown 2

#45: Monster Mowdown 2


Monster Mowdown 2 is the sequel to the zombie shooting game, Monster Mowdown. Monster Mowdown 2 features sprite graphics similar to those of its predecessor, but contains more dynamic gameplay, numerous upgrades, and a variety of weapons! The objective of Monster...

Number of plays: 14,609

Play Toxie Radd 3D

#46: Toxie Radd 3D


Toxie Radd 3D is a throwback to old-school arcade shooter games like House of the Dead or Time Crisis, brought to you conveniently in your Flash-enabled web browser. It looks and plays the same as those classic games, with the...

Number of plays: 14,601

Play Zombie Madness: The Awakening

#47: Zombie Madness: The Awakening


In recent years, there has been a glut of zombie shooting games; some may call it "Zombie Madness". Zombie Madness: The Awakening is a zombie game that takes it to the next level. This top-down shooter features outstanding graphics, excellent...

Number of plays: 14,490

Play Tequila Zombies

#48: Tequila Zombies


Yet another zombie apocalypse. What are we to do? Grab your shotgun and a shot of tequila, and get ready to send those zombies howling back into the afterlife in Tequila Zombies! This zombie game features outstanding graphics, a large...

Number of plays: 12,283

Play Rupert's Zombie Diary

#49: Rupert's Zombie Diary


Rupert's Zombie Diary is a zombie game that takes place in Merry Old England in the year 1902 (in a way, it can be seen as an Edwardian era Shaun of the Dead). This shooting game features cartoon graphics, intuitive...

Number of plays: 11,927

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