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Corpse Craft Instructions

Use mouse and left mouse button to remove blocks and create army.

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Corpse Craft definitely isn't your typical online zombie game. Part puzzle game and part zombie game, Corpse Craft is a perfect marriage of both of these excellent game genres. You have to plan your attacks carefully if you want to take out your enemy and accomplish your level goal. In a game genre when most of the games have a very similar feel; this one is in a class all its own. It's unique, engrossing and surprisingly addictive.

In Corpse Craft you are in charge of raising an army of the dead to take out the attacking enemies who are wreaking havoc on your school. While most people skip the story and go straight to the game, take the time to actually watch the intro. It gives the game a fun new dimension. In this one, the story is almost as much fun as the game itself.

As for the actual game, Corpse Craft is really more of a puzzle game than a traditional zombie game, but that really doesn't matter a whole lot when the game is this much fun. Part of what makes it so entertaining if how it is different from all of the other zombie games online. Instead of just shooting zombies, this game puts you in the role of creator. You make the zombies by using all manner of macabre parts then unleash your zombies on your opponent. Each level sees a new challenge and most provide you with new types of zombies you can create; each offering its own special advantages. As you progress in the game, it grows more challenging, but never gets so difficult you will want to stop playing.

Gather parts to make your zombies by clicking on three matching blocks in the puzzle grid. The more matching blocks you eliminate the more parts you will get. Each color corresponds with a different part, so take the time to choose the parts carefully. Go after the parts that will offer you the most benefit in the situation. This is where the planning comes in. Also, remember to watch the top of your screen for the sun or the moon icon. Night (when the moon is at the top of your screen) is your time to do battle. The creatures you create will die when the sun comes up, so avoid unleashing any creatures just before the moon disappears from the right side of your screen. Your efforts - and parts - will be wasted. Instead, save those parts for the next night, and gather more parts during the daytime cease fire. Sometimes, your enemy will unleash an attack just before daybreak. Don't fall into the trap. Their creatures will die before they can do any major damage, so just wait and let the sun take them out for you.

Overall, Corpse Craft is one of the most original and most addictive zombie games online. Take the time to plan your attacks, don't unleash an attack right before daybreak and use the parts you collect wisely and you'll have a blast playing this puzzle game/zombie game hybrid.