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Rating: 4.35/5 stars (62 ratings)

Curse Village Instructions

Aim with the mouse and fire with the left mouse button. Choose weapons with your arrow keys.

Curse Village Walkthrough

Curse Village is a great online zombie game similar to many other zombie games online. Your goal is to defend the barricade on the right side of the screen from the attacking zombies coming from the left side of the screen. Pretty standard fare in this genre of game, but that doesn't mean this isn't a fun game.

The real treat in Curse Village is the graphics. While the background changes with each level it is never such a drastic change that is distracts you from game play. The zombies are all well designed and the differences in the appearance of the zombies keeps the game fresh and fun. The danger with many of the other online zombie games is that all of the zombies look the same and after a while, that makes the game dull. That definitely isn't the case with Curse Village.

Curse Village isn't always an easy game to get through. Newcomers to online zombie games may have a hard time getting used to the mouse controls in the beginning, but it gets much easier as you play. Novice players should start out on the 'Easy' difficulty setting and work their way up to the harder settings. It might still be a little difficult, but in time, you will improve.

Alternatively, more experienced players will find the 'Easy' setting far too easy. Instead they will want to begin on 'Normal' or 'Hard'. This game can provide a great challenge for anyone regardless of their experience or skill level which is part of the reason the game is so great.

In addition to great graphics and multiple difficulty settings, Curse Village also offers a multitude of upgrades you can buy with the points you earn during levels. You can upgrade the barricades, buy new, more powerful weapons, buy traps that you can place on the game screen to take out zombies and even enlist other survivors to help you kill zombies. I recommend not purchasing upgrades in the first level or two so you can build up your points and purchase bigger, better upgrades later in the game.

I'd have to say Curse Village is one of the best zombie games online. Although the actual game itself is very similar to many other zombie games, the graphics, difficulty and upgrades combine to put this one ahead of the pack. Play this one if you're looking for an addictive game that will entertain and challenge you at the same time.