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Rating: 4.47/5 stars (447 ratings)

Days2Die Instructions

Move left using 'a' or left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or right arrow key. Climb up using 'w' or up arrow key. Climb down using 's' or down arrow key. Jump using 'space'. Run by holding 'shift' and directional arrow key. Open and close inventory using 'i'. Fix barricade using 'e'. Reload using 'r'. Aim weapon using the mouse. Fire using the left mouse button. Choose weapon with the mouse scroll. Choose type of weapon with number keys 1-4.

Days2Die Walkthrough

Days2Die is a great online zombie game in which you find yourself trapped in the midst of a zombie infestation. Your only means of escape is a boat waiting for you at the harbor. Your goal is to make it to that boat and escape before you become the next meal for a bunch of hungry zombies. Along the way you must kill the zombies you encounter to make sure you can escape. It's much easier said than done.

In Days2Die you are given the option of placing barriers in the room you are in to try to keep the zombies back. This is an excellent feature that is missing in most online zombie games, and it's a big part of why this game is so much fun. Zombies attack you from the left and from the right, so being able to place barricades makes the task at hand a little easier. The great thing is, this game is never easy. It always provides a great challenge and as the game progresses the level of difficulty rises as well. You need to place barricades. That's the simple truth of the matter. It you opt out of barricades, your game will be very short. You can choose from several different barricades. I recommend choosing the $1,100 barricade. It withstands the most damage and gives you the best chance of holding off the zombies.

Days2Die also gives you a multitude of weapons you can choose from although, in the beginning, I would recommend sticking with buying 9mm bullets for your berretta and buying barricades. Later in the game, you will need better weapons, but in the beginning, better weapons won't help you if you don't survive long enough to use them. The katana is the only real exception as it is an invaluable melee weapon when you are surrounded by zombies. If you have chosen the most expensive barricades, however, you shouldn't find that happening until the very end of the level.

Like most online zombie games, Days2Die is very graphic and offers more than enough blood, gore and flying brains to satisfy even the most discerning gore-hound. From beginning to end, this game is a bloody mess. The graphics are great but the game plays smoothly. The zombies are well designed and the gore, while maybe a bit over the top, is some of the best of any zombie game online. The action is fast paced and should you find yourself attacked by zombies on both sides without a barricade to protect you, you're going to have a blast fighting to try to stay alive.

Overall, I definitely recommend Days2Die. It's definitely one of the better online zombie games and will hold your attention from beginning to end. Newcomers to the genre may find this one a bit difficult, but experienced players will love the challenge it presents. Will you be able to survive long enough to make it to the boat? Maybe not, but you'll have a lot of fun trying!