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Days2Die - The Other Side Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move around; aim and shoot with your mouse. Use the space bar to jump, the I key to open your inventory, and the E key to repair barricades. Use 1-4 number keys to switch between weapons.

Days2Die - The Other Side Walkthrough

Days2Die is one of the most in-depth online zombie games you'll ever find. There's both story and survival modes, numerous upgrades are available when it comes to weaponry, your character can level up, and you can hire mercenaries to help you out. If that doesn't seem like enough, you can also use and repair barricades as a defense against zombies, and while you're playing you can communicate with other characters in the story mode.

Basically what you have is a complete game at your fingertips - and if you're playing the story mode, it's going to take some time to beat. Survival mode is much faster-paced; you immediately start fighting zombies without any interruptions, besides buying upgrades and hiring mercenaries every now and then.

While playing, you're going to be running and shooting - a lot. While running with the WASD keys and aiming with the mouse can be difficult at times, once you get the hang of it, you'll be picking off zombies like it's no big deal. Purchasing the right upgrades and selecting the right weapons is everything; while you make think sticking with melee weapons is a good choice, you only have to be surrounded once to find out that it isn't

With guns, though, you'll have plenty of ammo to hold off the hordes of zombies, and you can use your mouse to set up effective barricades that will end up saving your neck more than once, if you use them right. And remember - while it may take a while to get used to this in-depth zombie game, it's worth it