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Daytraders of the Dead Instructions

If you have played zombie games and shooters before, the controls of Daytraders Of The Dead shouldn't be too surprising or too difficult for you to pick up. You need both your mouse and your keyboard to play this game and enjoy it: for basic movement, you need to use the W, A, S, and D buttons. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys instead, though I would almost always go for the standard W, A, S, and D controls. For shooting down those zombies, use your mouse - (1) Move it to aim. (2) Once you are all set, press the left click button to fire. (3) For continuous firing, just hold down the left mouse button. While there are a lot of weapons to be found in this zombie game, you can only handle and use one at a time. With that in mind, you should be wise when to grab one and which one to grab. OK, now that the controls are taken care of, let's move forward...

Daytraders of the Dead Walkthrough

Zombie games and shooters - these games come in all sizes and sorts. Some of them are OK, just enough to stave off the boredom BUT nothing more. Some of them suck BIG time and would make you wish you can get back those precious wasted minutes. And lastly, there zombie games that are so good and nicely done, you don't want to get up from your seats come what may. If you are looking for zombie games on the latter category, then be thankful. You have just hit GOLD! Daytraders Of The Dead is one of the few zombie games out there that will surely absorb you in its fast paced game play and serious doses of shooting fun and violence.

OK, to be honest, there's nothing new as far as the game play goes. You are a lone wolf... a lone soldier. There's a bunch of zombies scattered all over the place. You have a gun and you should know now what to do: you need to shoot them down. All of them! The good news, however, is that the game came with more than enough enhancements to make the experience worthwhile and the game stand out from the rest of the pack. The weapons, the power ups, the game's pacing, the design and sound effects, and everything else in between - all of these and more are just insanely awesome... making the game addicting. And believe me, addiction to Daytraders Of The Dead is hard to shake off!

I really would like to point out the game's design and graphics - it's just so fine! You can hardly believe you are playing a flash based online game. So detailed it feels like you are playing a game on one of the more popular game consoles like PS3, Nintendo DS, and the like. How detailed? Well, let's put it this way. When you shoot down zombies, you can see their blood spurt out and scatter real time and in realistic color. You would even see their insides - brains, intestines, etc. CLEARLY. And when you shoot, you'd see bullets come out of your gun and make that clanking sound as they hit the ground. YES, it's gory and violent... and it's realistic which I love!

OK, back to the game, there are a couple of tips you need to keep in mind if you want to make it out of the 6 levels alive: (1) Cash is king in this game. Whatever the zombie drops, may it be a couple of Benjamins or a bunch of gems, pick them. (2) As I have mentioned earlier, you can only use one weapon at a time and the weapon you tossed on the ground is gone for good. So be careful in picking up weapons. (3) There are power ups... lots of them. Some send out shockwaves, others nuke the hell out of the zombies, etc. Abuse them. You need all the help you can get especially in the harder game modes. Oh! If the action is not enough and if you think extreme mode is a piece of cake, play Survival Mode! You'll love it.