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Dead Frontier: Night Three Instructions

Dead Frontier: Night Three is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The WASD keys (or arrow keys) are used to move. The spacebar is used to cycle through your weapons (or you may use the 1 - 6 number keys to directly select a weapon). The R key is used to reload. Move your mouse to aim your weapon and click to use it. Finally, the P key is used to pause the game.

Dead Frontier: Night Three Walkthrough

Dead Frontier: Night Three is the third game in the Dead Frontier series of zombie games and continues the story from where its predecessors left off. Dead Frontier: Night Three features graphics and gameplay similar to its predecessors, but improves upon the gameplay of the series by adding AI-controlled allies and greater mobility.

In Dead Frontier: Night Three, you're finally ready to make your escape. You have ten minutes to make it to the evacuation helicopter alive. If the zombies kill you, either of the other survivors, or you fail to make it to the helicopter in time, then you will lose this zombie game.

Dead Frontier: Night Three features four difficulty modes. The difficulty that you choose dictates how much damage zombies do to you when attacking and the weapon that you start with. If this is your first time playing this zombie game, then I advise choosing easy or medium difficulty. The submachine gun that you are equipped with on easy difficulty does not pack as much of a punch as medium difficulty's shotgun, but it is great for pushing back packs of zombies and has a larger magazine. I did not notice any other weapons to pick up while playing this zombie game, so you may be stuck with what you start with.

In Dead Frontier: Night Three you have two allies: a man and his daughter. The man is a useful ally since he is armed with a shotgun and is quite proficient at using it. His daughter, on the other hand, is unarmed and has a propensity for getting stuck on objects (in programmer's terms she has a bad pathfinding algorithm). Try to stick close to these allies because you need to keep them alive to win this zombie game, and they (at least the man) can help you to stay alive yourself!

Dead Frontier: Night Three is the exciting conclusion of the original Dead Frontier trilogy of zombie games. If you enjoyed the first two Dead Frontier games, then you will love this third installment!