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Dead of Night Instructions

Dead of Night is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place objects. Click on zombies to shoot them with your sniper rifle.

Dead of Night Walkthrough

Dead of Night is a straightforward defense game. This zombie game features isometric graphics, superb audio, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Dead of Night is to survive as long as you can against waves of zombies. Zombies will try to break into your compound and slaughter you, but if you survive until the next day, the sun will burn up all of the undead. If all of your lives run out, then you will lose this zombie game. Each night, the zombies will get stronger, so be sure to keep your forces and defenses strong as well!

In Dead of Night, you are armed with your trusty sniper rifle. In order to kill zombies yourself, simply click on them. You will have to reload your sniper rifle, however, so you can only shoot if you have a round chambered. Your reload time is indicated by a bar over your character's head that will appear after firing. You may upgrade your rifle to decrease reload time and increase damage, so I advise you to do so as soon as you are able.

You are not alone in Dead of Night. To aide you in your struggle, there is a medic and a scientist. As long as the medic is alive, he will heal allied units and decrease the strength of zombies. As long as the scientist is alive, he will help your units to target vital areas of the zombies to increase their damage. The medic and scientist have lives just like you, so be sure to keep them well-protected. You can complete this zombie game without them, but if you allow them to die your fight will become much more difficult!

Besides the medic and the scientist, you may also hire gunmen to help put a stop to the undead's advance. Gunmen are not so useful when you first hire them, but as they kill zombies, they will earn promotions. Promoted gunmen have icons adjacent to them indicating their ranks, and kill zombies with ease. Your promote gunmen will become a valuable asset to you in this zombie game, so be sure to keep them well-defended as well! You will also want to make sure to buy ammunition when you run low. Your ammunition pool is shared with your gunmen, and your guns are useless without ammunition!

Dead of Night is a great zombie game that is sure to please fans of defense games and test your tactical prowess. I was able to survive seven nights my first time playing this zombie game. Can you do better? Find out by playing Dead of Night!