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Death Penalty: Zombie Football Instructions

Move with the mouse. Click with the left mouse button to kick.

Death Penalty: Zombie Football Walkthrough

Death Penalty is a unique and entertaining zombie football game which is really saying a lot considering the genre. Most zombie games are content with supplying the player with the chance to kill as many zombies as possible so you can avoid becoming a zombie or a zombie's dinner. This game chooses to do things a little differently. Your goal is the same - to kill zombies - but the way you go about it is what makes this game so unique. You have no guns. You have no traps. You don't even have a barricade. All you have is your foot and a soccer ball. Your teammate will stand off to the sidelines and pass you the ball. It's up to you to kick the ball so it hits the zombie. It sounds pretty easy, right? Think again. It can be extremely hard to get the ball to go where you want it to go and it can be even harder to kick the ball with enough force to do any significant damage to the zombie. You'll need to hit each zombie several times - unless you're lucky enough to get a head shot - and make sure the zombie is destroyed. If the zombie touches you, your game is over. It isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination but the more you play the more you'll improve and you'll have a blast in the meantime.

To score huge bonus points in Death Penalty: Zombie Football it's all about head shots, sweet spots and full body explosions. To get the best shots possible, move close to the dotted line and then kick. Headers offer you extra power which is always an advantage while hitting the sweet spot offers max damage. Get both and you've got yourself a powerful shot that will inflict a whole lot of damage onto your poor opponent. You'll get bonus points for head shots and full body explosions, but for newcomers to this sort of game, that isn't always going to be easy to do. Newcomers might want to start out with the basics - taking out the zombie opponents - and worry about all of the extras once they're a little more comfortable with the game. This isn't about having experience in zombie games. This is about having experience in this specific game because this is by far one of the most unique zombie games online and the controls are going to take a little getting used to, no matter how many of the other online zombie games you've played. The controls are completely different and though your objective is the same, how you achieve that objective is unlike any other zombie game online. Experience in the genre won't help you a lot in this one, but experience with the game certainly will.

The best way to take out zombies quickly in Death Penalty is to try to get a header (bouncing the ball off your head, for those unfamiliar with the term) and a sweet shot (kicking so the ball connects with a certain part of the player's foot) combo each time you're passed a new ball. Look at where the ball is falling and try to position your player below it. That will give you your header. Move back slightly and kick. If you connect with the ball with the right part of your foot, you'll get your sweet shot. This will give you max power and max damage and make short work of your enemies. These combos are especially useful on the keeper. He's big, fast and hard to kill. Get him with a few of these and you'll be able to take him down. Head shots and full body explosions are the best shots in the game, but you really need to be able to aim the ball to get them. Of course, you might get lucky a time or two, but if you work on your game, it's possible to get these shots the majority of the time.

Once you've taken out the players and the keeper in Death Penalty: Zombie Football, you take your shot at the goal. Aim carefully, use a fair amount of power and you should have no trouble at all making this goal. Use the header to get the power you need to carry the ball the whole way to the net. Once you've taken your shot at the goal, you've completed the level and you can now upgrade one of your abilities - either shooting power or throw-in speed. Choose wisely. You only get one upgrade per level, so you don't want to waste your upgrade on something you don't need immediate help with. Upgrading the throw-in speed will increase the rate at which you're thrown new balls. This offers a great benefit as one of the toughest parts of the game is facing down a zombie and having to wait for your next ball. Faster delivery greatly reduces that wait time. While that is a great advantage, it can also be seen as a disadvantage for those who are having trouble getting the shots they need to get to win. Because the balls come at you faster, you don't have as much of a chance to plan your next shot or even prepare for it. Things get a little more faced paced and for those having trouble with the controls, that can be a problem. For those players, increasing the shooting power is a much better option. The increase in power will mean more damage to your enemies each time you hit them with the ball. The advantages there are pretty obvious. The more damage you deliver each time, the less hits it will take to destroy your opponent.

As you progress in Death Penalty you'll unlock all sorts of fun features; mainly special balls. These balls offer a variety of advantages but it's important to pay attention to the description of that ball. Some of the balls are heavier than others which can make it much harder to get them to connect with the zombies. When that is the case, though, they often deliver far more damage than your basic balls. You can put the special ball in any spot in the rotation to determine when it will be thrown in. Which spot you choose will be up to you, but consider where it will be of the most use. In most cases, zombie players are much easier to take down than keepers, so try to work it out so you'll be thrown one of the special balls when you're facing off against the keeper. Remember though, as with most zombie games, things get much more difficult as the game progresses. There are more zombie players to face off against and tougher zombie players to face off against. Use the first few levels as a chance to get used to the controls and hone your kicking skills. Find the sweet spot and use it as often as you can. Familiarize yourself with what it takes to deliver a head shot so you can have that knowledge for later levels.

Overall, Death Penalty is an excellent zombie football game unlike any of the other zombie games out there. In a genre where most games follow the same format and the same premise, this game dares to be different and it pays off. Veteran zombie game players will love the chance to do something out of the ordinary without having to give up the fun of zombie slaying. Newcomers will enjoy the game just as much thanks to it's challenging but not impossible levels. This is truly a game anyone can enjoy. As you progress, the difficulty level rises but instead of feeling impossible, it just feels challenging. Each time you play, you want to do better than you did the time before. You want to get more head shots and more bonus points to try to get a high score. The graphics are fun but not overwhelming in this never-boring zombie game. If you consider yourself a fan of zombie games, this is one you need to check out.