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Decision 2: New City Instructions

Decision 2: New City is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your character by using the WASD keys or the arrow keys. Aim and shoot by using the mouse. The R key reloads your weapon. The number keys are used to switch weapons.

Decision 2: New City Walkthrough

Decision 2: New City is the exciting sequel to the zombie game, Decision. Decision 2: New City retains the same style of gameplay featured in its predecessor, but also sports superior graphics, new weapons, and new missions to complete!

The goal of Decision 2: New City is to complete tasks indicated on the right side of the screen. This mostly means killing zombies, but some missions may have other goals as well such as collecting items, performing recon, and more. After you have completed a mission, you can click on the words "Job Done" to finish the mission, or you can kill additional zombies for bonus points. Your progress is automatically saved in one of three save slots, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play this shooting game.

Decision 2: New City uses a combination of keyboard and mouse controls. If you have played the first Decision or other similar top-down shooting games, then this control scheme should not be too difficult for your to figure out. The arrow keys or WASD keys are used to move your character. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot your current weapon. Reloading occurs automatically in this zombie game, but I advise you to manually reload when there are lulls in the action by pressing the R key. To switch weapons, use the number keys.

Between levels of Decision 2: New City, you can use money earned by completing missions to upgrade your arsenal. The best weapons and items to buy depend on your style of gameplay. I do advise you to upgrade your revolver and buy a shotgun as soon as possible, however. They shotgun is an excellent crowd control weapon, and as is often the case in zombie games, a reliable workhorse. If you need more money for upgrades, make sure to kill all of the additional zombies at the end of each mission.

Decision 2: New City is an excellent sequel to Decision and a solid shooting game in its own right. Make those undead wish that they had stayed dead in Decision 2: New City!