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Rating: 4.44/5 stars (36 ratings)

Devil House Instructions

Move left using left arrow key. Move right using right arrow key. Move up using up arrow key. Move down using down arrow key. Fire weapon using 'z'. Throw ace using 'x'. To escape an enemy attack, tap the left and right arrow buttons.

Devil House Walkthrough

Devil House is an awesome online zombie game that charges you with saving your friends from a zombie infestation. You have to do everything you can to fight off the zombies before they infect your friends. The more friends that get infected the more zombies you have to deal with. It isn't easy to reach the end of the game, but you'll have a lot of fun trying.

The graphics in Devil House are some of the better graphics you'll see in an online zombie game but the game isn't so graphics intensive the game won't play smoothly. The graphics will keep you entertained and wanting to play without being distracting or taking your attention away from the task at hand. The zombies aren't terrifying and the game isn't overly gory so if you don't like blood and gore but want to play a fun zombie game, this is the game for you.

Devil House is different from most online zombie games in that your goal is not to kill zombies but rather hit them with the serum that will cure the infected of the zombie disease. This is something those that don't like the idea of killing will enjoy but also gives the game another level of difficulty. Hitting a zombie with the serum does not mean they cannot be reinfected so it is a good idea to work quickly. Be careful when you aim though. After throwing serum, the meter will need to recharge before you can throw it again. Don't waste your serum with poorly aimed shots.

Overall, Devil House is a great game that will keep your attention from beginning to end and will definitely keep you on your toes. The game isn't so difficult beginners won't be able to get through it while it isn't so easy more advanced players won't enjoy it. The graphics make this game one of the more widely appealing online zombie games online and also, one of the more entertaining games as well. It's a lot of fun and while it might take a little practice to get good, you'll have a great time as you practice.