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Dude and Zombies Instructions

Use the A and D keys to move left and right, W to jump, and S to repair your car/pick up parts. Left click to shoot your weapon.

Dude and Zombies Walkthrough

While it's a classic shoot-up-the-zombies game, Dude and Zombies does require quite a bit of strategy. You're dumped into the middle of nowhere with nothing but your car, a pistol, and the parts of your vehicle scattered around you. Zombies come at you right away, so start aiming and clicking furiously to shoot them dead. Once you've mowed down a few of the undead, you should pause and check out the Skill and Shop screens (they'll light up once you level up), since they will be invaluable in your quest against the brain-eaters.

You get 2 points to spend on your Skills every time you level up in Dude and Zombies, and this is where the strategy comes in. You'll have the option to upgrade your health regeneration speed, accuracy, money acquisition, XP gain speed, repair speed, and your car's durability, along with the ability to restore health. It would be wise to put at least one point into your XP or money gain speed, since you'll be able to level up and earn money faster, which is a huge help later in the gain. Put another point into your health regen speed, since you'll be hurting until you start getting some better weapons. While it's tempting to upgrade your repair speed and get out of there faster, you should wait until you've leveled up a few times and built up your other stats, since you won't be driving anywhere if you're dead.

As for the shop, your best weapon will depend on your playing style. You start off with the pistol, which is pretty weak and will only get you through the first two or three waves of Dude and Zombies, and then you'll start getting overwhelmed if you don't upgrade. Here's what's available in your armory:

Pistol: Individual shots, weak, small clip

Revolver: Individual shots, mid-low power, small clip

Winchester Shotgun: Individual shots, mid power, very small clip (2 shots)

Uzi: Automatic, weak, medium clip

Mossberg Shotgun: Individual shots, mid-high power, small clip (6 shots)

AK-47: Automatic, mid power, large clip

M16: Automatic, mid-high power, very large clip

Striker Shotgun: Individual shots, high power, large clip

Spitfire Flamethrower: Automatic, high power, medium clip, **short range only**

Minigun: Automatic, high power, massive clip

On our playthrough of Dude and Zombies, our progression was: Pistol, Winchester, AK-47, Striker, Minigun. You should have a point or two in Accuracy before you pick up the Winchester, otherwise you'll be burning through that small clip and not hitting anything. If you play well, the Winchester should be able to carry you until you get the AK, but if you're struggling, pick up the Mossberg in between. It's pretty much game over by the time you get the Striker, and the Minigun is just unfair to those poor undead, though it does take a second to spin up before it starts firing (yay for realism!).

We recommend standing on the car to avoid the walking zombies only as a last resort, since you'll have to spend precious time repairing the car's durability from the damage before you can start the main repairs again. Don't worry about your health much in the later game, since you gain +10 at each level up, and your regen should be carrying you well enough; eventually, you'll just be running through the crowd and mowing them down without much regard for your safety. You should be out of there by wave 20 or so.