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Earn to Die Instructions

Just like other zombie games out there, Earn To Die is played entirely with the keyboard. For basic movement, you just have to use your keyboard's arrow keys: press the up arrow key to drive forward and hold it down to accelerate. The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, are for tilting in either direction. The down arrow key, lastly, is for slowing down and breaking. Once you get the boost upgrade, just press the CTRL or X key to activate it. That's about everything you need to know about the basic controls of this zombie game. And now, let's get down to where it's at - playing the game!

Earn to Die Walkthrough

The zombie apocalypse has arrived and no matter where you look, zombies are around the corner, waiting for you to slip down that water reservoir so they can have their lunch. Good thing, however, with your binoculars, you have spotted a rescue helicopter that you can use to fly somewhere safe. It's 3100 feet away BUT it seems that today is your lucky day - there are 3 abandoned BUT usable and upgradable rides for you to use. There's the small hatchback, the good and old pickup, and last BUT not the least, there's the heavy BUT cool truck.

The objective of the game is very simple at first glance: you just have to cover 3100 ft. using the ride of your choice in one go, and VIOLA! You are safe. Now, here's the problem: the uneven terrain... the road you'll have to go through is riddled with rocks, humps, and of course, zombies. All of these and more will make it hard for your car and its engine to drive smoothly to the safe point. But don't worry: that's where the upgrades come to the rescue. If you are not driving, you will find yourself at the garage and tweaking and upgrading the parts of your car.

Upgrades: There are different and multiple levels of upgrades. The wheels, transmission, weapons, and those are just to name a few. Personally, I prefer to beef up the basic parts of my car / truck first: the wheels, the fuel capacity, the transmission, and the engine. And that means forking out A LOT of money to get my abandoned and rusty car in good shape for zombie-crushing. You might be wondering: where on earth will I get the money? Earn To Die, unlike other zombie games where you spend most of your time shooting down the undead, is a distance game. The greater the distance you covered in one go, the MORE cash you earn. Along with that, you can earn extra dough by doing stunts - like Strikes (crashing through zombies in super speed), breaching a couple of box piled up, and those are just to name a few. After a couple of turns, it's NOT uncommon to see $1,000,000 in your wallet. Don't let that sit there, upgrade your ride or better yet, buy a new car or truck!

When you start the game, you only have the small hatchback available. While it is light and gains speed pretty quickly, it cannot get you really far even if it's FULLY upgraded. A good and old pickup truck, without any upgrades, can cover as much distance as a fully upgraded small hatchback (800+ ft). On the other hand, a heavy truck can cover the same distance as a fully upgraded pickup truck. As you can see, you have no choice BUT to buy the BIGGEST and BADDEST ride available - the cool and heavy truck. The bad news is that it costs $200,000 so sticking with the very basic ride - small hatchback, is NOT going to cut it. Well, if you don't mind going doing 200 tries or more, then be my guest. BUT you can always keep it shorter by upgrading your small hatchback, buy the next available car, do a couple of runs and upgrade it, rinse and repeat until you get your hands on a fully-beefed up 5-ton truck.

But even if you do, don't expect things to be easy. Why? I guess that's for you to find out. Play this zombie game now and see what I'm talking about.