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Endless Zombie Rampage 2 Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Move up using 'w'. Move down using 's'. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Reload using 'r'.

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Sometimes an excellent game will get a little success, produce a sequel and completely ruin the legacy of the original. That's always a sad thing; especially for fans of the original game. That is not the case with this game. Endless Zombie Rampage 2 builds on the strong foundation of zombie slaughtering madness laid by Endless Zombie Rampage and winds up being one of the most incredibly addictive and entertaining zombie games online. Once again, you have all the modes of play you loved in the first game, but the creators of this excellent game weren't content with just rehashing the game they already made. This is a true sequel in every sense of the word. It takes the basic premise of its predecessor and builds on it creating something bigger, better and bloodier. Well, maybe it's not bloodier, but it's definitely got enough of the red stuff to keep the gore hounds happy. If you consider yourself a fan of zombie games this is one you simply cannot allow yourself to miss.

What makes Endless Zombie Rampage 2 so much better than the original? Missions. Missions are fairly uncommon in the world of online zombie games and that can sometimes limit their appeal. There are many game fans out there that want to do more than just shoot zombies into oblivion and this game recognizes that. You begin with three options - kill zombies, find supplies or find survivors. If you choose to kill zombies, you'll be doing just that. You'll be given a specific number of zombies you need to kill. When you kill the required number of zombies the mission will be complete and you'll collect an experience reward. If you choose to find supplies, you'll actually have to go out and look for a crate of supplies that you'll then drag back to the base. When you are able to do this, you'll be rewarded with an experience bonus and additional health packs. The same applies for finding survivors. Just replace 'crate of supplies' with 'terrified survivor of the zombie apocalypse'. The only real difference is that finding supplies offers you additional health packs as well as an experience bonus while finding survivors just gives you experience and the good feeling you get knowing you've saved one of your fellow man. At the end of each mission, you'll have two more options; continue on with the same day or rest up for the next day's adventures. The great thing about these missions is that if you decide you aren't really into the mission you chose and would rather try something else, you can cancel that mission at any time.

The upgrades that were so beneficial in the original game are present here in Endless Zombie Rampage 2, but they are laid out in a slightly better way. It's easier to see what options are available to you and how much each different upgrade costs. They're also categorized in a bit of a different way. You're also able to purchase upgrades any time by visiting the 'buy' section of the game screen. The buy section is where you start out at the beginning of the level. When you first enter the buy screen, you're given a list of options - 'buy health packs', 'buy weapons' and 'buy perks'. These categories are a little easier to understand than the 'upgrades' and 'power ups' category from the first game. If you want to boost your health, you click on health packs. If you're looking for a weapon, you click weapons and scroll through the screens of available weapons until you find one you want. If you want to improve some area of your performance, you click 'perks'. Pretty simple.

The great thing about Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is that it really offers something for everyone. Those that want a little more story with their zombie slaying can choose to play in 'Endless Rampage' mode. 'Endless Rampage' mode is where you'll find the missions. You also get a little bit of a back story the first time you play. In this mode, you can also choose to rest at the end of the day by returning to your base. Those that just want to get out there and slaughter some zombies can still do that by choosing 'Survival' mode. There are no missions in 'Survival' mode. There is no story. Your goal is to survive as long as you can, buy as many weapons as you can and upgrade your performance as much as you can and kill those zombies. All of the upgrades and perks of survival mode are also available in endless rampage mode so you don't have to worry about sacrificing advanced weapons in favor of a little extra story. In addition, endless rampage mode still offers you plenty of zombie killing action. There's just a little more of a purpose to it.

The best way to do well in Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is to focus on getting the controls down. Spend a little time honing your skills in experimental mode. Unlike the first game, you are only able to use 'wasd' controls in this one. This might be hard for newcomers to the zombie game genre to get used to. More experienced players, on the other hand, are probably familiar with using both standard control schemes ('wasd' and arrow keys) so they'll have a bit of an easier time. You need to have decent shooting skills to do well in this game so if you find that you're struggling take the time to practice in experimental mode where you and the base can't take on damage. Beyond that, upgrades and perks are really the key to performing well in this game. You'll need advanced weapons once more, tougher zombies start attacking you. Perks are also important because they can greatly increase how strongly your character holds up against the zombie attackers. Upgrading your base's maximum health and your own maximum health will ensure you and your base are both as strong as possible and can stand up to enemy attacks a bit better.

Overall, Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is an absolutely awesome zombie game that offers something for every zombie game fan regardless of skill or experience level. The graphics are incredible although, as with the first game, it can become a little hard to see attacking zombies amongst all the blood and carnage on the ground. Although it's almost certain that newcomers are going to have a hard time with both modes of game play, taking a few minutes to work on their skills in experimental mode can make all the difference. Get those upgrades and keep your eyes open and you should be able to do just fine with this game. If you're a zombie game fan you cannot miss taking this one for a test drive. It's far too much fun to pass up.