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Rating: 4.31/5 stars (45 ratings)

Father O'Malley 3 Instructions

Move right using right arrow key. Move left using left arrow key. Jump using up arrow key. Fire using 'x'.

Father O'Malley 3 Walkthrough

Father O'Malley 3 has just about the most basic graphics a game can have. There is absolutely nothing special about the design of this game and that is perhaps one of the most endearing things about this game. In a genre when much of the focus is on blood, gore and lots of flashy visuals, the focus in this one is squarely on making the game fun - and it worked. This game is great.

It's hard to believe a game this simple could be this addictive. The only goal of the game is to make it from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. That's it. You have a time limit of sorts because, from the bottom of the screen, lava is rising. It Father O'Malley hits the lava, he will die. Throw in a horde of zombies attacking your from all directions and you've got a pretty challenging game; and therein lies the reason Father O'Malley 3 is so addictive. The zombies pop out of the ground and you have to throw crosses at them. Watch the ground in front and behind you for suddenly appearing mounds of dirt. Zombies will emerge from these mounds and they want your blood. You can try to run away and may even be successful, but you're only going to encounter more zombies. You can throw more crosses repeatedly without having to wait for the first cross thrown to strike a target or disappear from the screen. You can also throw crosses while jumping to take out zombies on a higher level than the one you are on. This makes the game a bit easier, but it is still definitely a challenging game.

The key to doing well in Father O'Malley 3 is speed. The faster you get to the right side of the screen the better. Since you are able to repeatedly throw crosses, you can throw them while running to take out zombies in front of you; just watch for mounds of dirt appearing. You don't want to accidentally run into a freshly emerging zombie as that would mean your game is over. This gets harder and harder to do as the levels progress and more and more zombies appear. Even so, this is an excellent zombie game that will keep you playing level after level. If you're looking for extraordinary graphics, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you are just looking for a fun game, Father O'Malley 3 is definitely worth checking out.