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Flaming Zombooka Instructions

Aim your bazooka with the mouse. Fire your bazooka with the left mouse button. Increase power of your shot by moving your cursor further from the bazooka. Decrease the power of your shot by moving your cursor closer to the bazooka.

Flaming Zombooka Walkthrough

Flaming Zombooka is an addictive and engrossing physics based zombie game that will challenge you to not only kill all the zombie in each level, but also to use your mind to do it. This game isn't about being fast on the draw. It isn't about shooting as many zombies as you can as fast as you can. Instead, this game is about looking at the obstacles standing between you and your goal of total zombie annihilation and figuring out how to either get around them or use them to your advantage. It isn't always easy to see the solution but the solution is always there. As you play, you'll learn what certain obstacles do and how you can use them to help you. You'll learn how to aim your weapon to get over other obstacles to hit the zombie on the other side. In other words, in this game, experience is your best friend. It can be frustrating but if you stick with it, you'll get much better and you'll be able to solve even the most difficult puzzles in the game.

The greatest benefit Flaming Zombooka offers is that it's unique. The zombie game genre is one full of games that follow the same basic premise. They have the same rules and offer the same goal. If you love games that allow you to take out your aggressions on an army of the undead, you have fairly limited options. This game seems to recognize that and offers an alternative. This is something experienced zombie game players are especially going to appreciate. You still get to kill zombies which is always fun, but you aren't just standing on one side of the screen with a gun, trying to take out the zombies attacking you from the other screen so you won't have your brain eaten. Instead, you are standing on a platform with a bazooka surrounded by zombies in various locations. They don't attack you. Instead, they just stand there and wait for you to put them back in the grave. You'll need to assess the puzzle and determine what factors are working in your favor and what factors are going to serve as a hindrance. The key is to look at the puzzle as a whole instead of as a series of singular obstacles. Often times, you'll be able to take out more than one zombie with a single rocket if you play it right. That will help you finish the level more quickly with a better score, but if you're only looking at the puzzle one zombie at a time, you're likely not going to see that shot.

Different obstacles do different things in Flaming Zombooka and that's really something many newcomers to the game have a hard time figuring out. The instructions don't exactly explain what all of the different items do so you're more or less going to have to figure that out with trial and error. Some of the obstacles move when you hit them. Others will swing from one corner. Others will stay still when you hit them but will allow your rocket to bounce off while others will cause your rocket to blow up as soon as contact is made. Spikes are pretty straight forward. If your zombie hits the spikes it will die. Figuring out how to get the zombie to hit the spikes can be a bit tricky though. Sometimes you'll have to use the swinging platforms to swing and hit the zombie onto the spikes. Other times, you'll have to use boxes to push the zombie off the edge of the platform and onto the spikes if you're not able to get a direct hit on the zombies. The only problem with using boxes is that if you hit them too many times, you'll blow up the box. Sometimes that can work in your favor as you'll get a direct shot at the zombie. Other times blowing up the box will eliminate any chance you have at hitting the zombie and you'll have to restart the level.

What makes Flaming Zombooka so difficult is that you only have a limited number of rockets to complete each level. On easier levels, you'll have less rockets, but you'll be able to finish easily without even using all of the rockets you're given. More complex levels will often give you a greater number of rockets but solving the puzzle without using all of those rockets will be much harder. If you don't kill all the zombies before you run out of rockets, you'll lose and will have to start over from the beginning of the level. The number of rockets available to you is shown at the bottom of the screen. That should be the first thing you check when you start a new level. See how many rockets you have and then chart out how you will use those rockets. Formulate a plan before you even take your first shot. When you first start playing, it's almost guaranteed your plan won't go exactly as you envision, but as you play more and get more familiar with aiming, shooting and the different types of obstacles, your plan will become a lot more accurate. Look at the angles you'll need to use to hit zombies and should you make a mistake, try to correct that mistake based on your last shot. Learn from your mistakes and you should do fine. If you make a lot of mistakes and its clear to you there is no chance you're going to be able to finish the puzzle with the rockets you have left, hit the 'replay' button (at the bottom right of the screen) and start over. It takes a little longer, but it will be worth it. Try to remember where you went wrong the time before and try a better plan. There's no time limit and there's no limit on how many times you can retry a puzzle. Take your time. Rushing will get you nowhere.

Overall, Flaming Zombooka is an excellent physics based zombie game that gives you the chance to kill zombies without the typical mindlessness that's so common in this genre. Zombie games don't have to be all about killing. They can also challenge your mind and this game proves it. With forty-five levels that increase in difficulty with each new puzzle, you'll definitely find the challenge you're looking for. Be patient and take your time. For those zombie game fans that are also familiar with physics games, this one might be a bit on the easy side and a bit too short. If you find yourself still wanting more at the end of the game, try playing again for a high score. This is a game for newcomers to zombie games and experienced players alike. If you want to do well, you're going to have to forget everything you know about zombie games and prepare your brain for an exercise in logic and physics. Combining the fun of killing zombies with the challenge of solving puzzles, this game offers something for everyone and is well worth checking out.