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Generic Defense Game Instructions

Move right using 'a'. Move left using 'd'. Move up using 'w'. Move down using 's'. Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button.

Generic Defense Game Walkthrough

Generic Defense Game is one awesome little zombie game. In all honesty, this game may possible by my favorite of all the zombie games I've played online. The game is unique, entertaining, has fun graphics and can be customized in just about every way imaginable. This game will have you hooked so plan to spend a little time playing. There are eight games that have been premade for you or you can choose to make your own game. There are several excellent upgrades to choose from and the game itself is pretty challenging.

The greatest thing about Generic Defense Game is that every single aspect of the game can be customized. You can choose from three levels of difficulty by choosing 'Help/Options' from the main menu screen and then choosing 'Difficulty'. All controls can be customized by choosing 'Help/Options' from the main menu screen and then choosing 'Controls. Once you click play, you are given even more options. Choose one of the eight awesome games that have been made for you that also grant you access to the full range of upgrades or make your own game.

The eight premade games available with Generic Defense Game are; Zombie Blitz, Nazi Lanes, Pac-Attack, Techno Terror, Picnic Panic, Ninja Storm, Ultimate Survival and Ultimate Defense. Each game is fun enough to be a game all on its own. In Zombie Blitz you have to use a turret to protect the goal on the football field from zombie football players. In Nazi League, you get to take out Nazis with bowling pins to defend your league trophy. Pac-Attack sees you facing off against Pac-Man style ghosts with a turret. Techno Terror pits you against robots in a game somewhat based on the Terminator series. In Picnic Panic, your enemies are demonic ants intent on destroying your picnic basket. In Ninja Storm, it's just you, your katana and a whole mess of ninjas. Ultimate Survival and Ultimate Defense see you facing off against the bad guys from all the other games; the difference being you use a turret in Defense not in Survival. Each of these games can be customized so you can use a turret or a shooter, use different weapons, face off against different enemies or play on a different background.

Personally, I had the most fun with Generic Defense Game when I customized my own game. When you customize your own game you can choose from shooter or turret mode and are given a wide variety of enemies; football zombies, Nazi bowlers, Pac-Ghosts, Killbots, demonic ants, shadow Ninjas or all of the above. For a starting weapon you can choose a pellet gun, a pistol, knives, a shotgun, a football, bowling pins or a katana. I chose bowling pins. You can also choose any of the above for a special weapon. Your defense objective can also change. You can choose survival mode where you simply have to beat all of the enemies, a goal post, a bowling trophy, Pac-Man, John Connor, a picnic lunch, a flag or, my personal favorite, Ramen noodles. There are also a variety of backgrounds you can choose from. Combining all of these things gives the game something no other online zombie game offers - individuality.

Generic Defense Game is one of those games that everyone needs to play. See how far you can get in each of the premade games and then try out some custom games. This one is a real treat and well worth the time spent playing.