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Rating: 4.36/5 stars (42 ratings)

GraveShift Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move around, shift objects, and solve puzzles. Use the space bar to use your shovel attack.

GraveShift Walkthrough

GraveShift is a lighter game that doesn't have the gore and violence of most zombie games. There's a nice story you can follow along, if you want to get the most out of this game, but it's essentially a puzzle game, and a difficult one at that.

Being an isometric puzzle game, you'll move from a perspective that may take some getting used to. There are many puzzles that require you to move, push, and position objects, and if you're not used to the perspective this game uses, you can screw them up quite easily.

But GraveShift does a good job easing you into its difficulty - you'll figure out how to play the game well before anything really difficult shows up.

You have a health bar and a courage meter - two things you need to keep your eye on while you're playing. If you run out of courage, you'll die from fright, and if you run out of health, you'll die from...death. There are four levels in all, and you can move onto the next level after you've completed the previous one. While you're playing, if you want the highest score possible, grab as much treasure as you can while you're looking for colored-keys to unlock doors - the main objective of the game.

Though, while trying to find these keys, you'll come across numerous enemies that can quickly put your quest to an end; it doesn't hurt to be patient with this game. There are some puzzles that may take you quite a bit of time to solve, but in the end, they'll be worth it. With each level becoming increasingly difficult, it's fun to see how far you can get in this game - and sometimes it may just become maddeningly difficult.