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Here To Collect Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Move up using 'w'. Move down using 's'. Reload using 'r'. Change guns using '1', '2', '3', and '4'. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire using left mouse button.

Here To Collect Walkthrough

Here to Collect is a classic zombie game with an old west style feel. The game finds you in the middle of an old west saloon that is under siege by zombies. Your job is simple; get rid of the zombies. The actually act of getting rid of them is a little more difficult than you may think.

Those that are used to online zombie games that use the standard WASD controls with the mouse to aim and fire might not have much of a problem getting used to playing Here to Collect. The controls are fairly basic, but those who are used to being able to use the arrow keys in place of WASD may find it a little more difficult as you cannot use the arrow keys in this game. Newcomers to zombie games may also find this one a bit too challenging at first but with a little time and patience, even the novice player should be able to improve.

The graphics in Here to Collect are awesome. They might not be the best graphics in an online game, but they're fun and will keep your attention; certainly among the best graphics you'll find in an online zombie game. The action gets increasingly difficult throughout the game, so even advanced players will find a certain degree of challenge. There isn't really much in the way of story, but who really plays zombie games for the story anyway, right?

There are many excellent weapon upgrades in Here to Collect and as you progress in the game money becomes easier and easier too find as does ammo for your weapons. Getting those bonuses can be a bit tricky, but well worth it. The best way to progress in the game is to take out enemies that have weapons of their own first. They don't have to get as close to inflict damage on you, so they are a bigger threat. Take out enemies that are unarmed second. When you get to the enemy that throws zombies at you, try your best to dodge the enemies being thrown while shooting at other zombies. The thrown zombies don't inflict a lot of damage and the enemy itself isn't much of a threat.

Overall Here to Collect, is a great zombie game that will keep you playing wave after wave. If you're having difficulty getting the hang of the controls, keep at it. You'll improve the more you play and you'll have a lot of fun practicing.