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Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion Instructions

Use your mouse to aim your weapon. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Press 'g' to use a grenade. Press 'space' to reload.

Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion Walkthrough

Hold the Line: Zombie Invasion is one of the best online zombie games out there; combining the fun of a good, bloody zombie game with the challenge of a first person shooter game. The game starts off a bit easy but it gets much harder as the game progresses. The goal is to prevent the zombies from reaching the other side of the screen, but as more zombie appear, that gets pretty difficult to do. Allow thirty zombies to pass and it's game over. Thirty may sound a lot but when they're coming in gangs of three or more, thirty isn't that many at all.

Hold the Line: Zombie Invasion is all about the headshots and the weapon you use. In the beginning you will only have a pistol. When you're using the pistol headshots make all the difference. If you miss the headshot, you're going to have to hit the zombie at least twice to take him out. This is just enough time to allow more zombies to amass on the screen. Aiming carefully will help you get the headshot. Try to keep your mouse in one place ahead of the attackers and fire when the head comes into range. You might have to adjust up or down depending on the height of the zombie, but you'll have a little more time to aim better this way.

Earn as much money as you can throughout the beginning levels of Zombie Invasion because as the game progresses, you will at least need to upgrade to a shotgun to get through it. The shotgun allows you to take out multiple zombies at once and as zombies start attacking in greater numbers, that is an advantage you need to have. There are eight guns in total you can buy if you save the money you earn through the levels, but make sure the shotgun is one you pick up. It'll make it much easier to get through the ten levels in this game.

You're going to want to play through Hold the Line: Zombie Invasion a few times so you can try out each of the guns as you unlock them. Each gun is going to offer certain advantages and certain benefits so get familiar with each one. The last few guns are definitely worth the money.

Take out as many zombies as you can in the early levels and try hard not to let any through. This may be easier said than done, but it's important. You basically have thirty strikes and you're out. Those strikes start counting from the first zombie you let pass even early in the game and they don't reset once the level is over. The fewer zombies you let pass in the beginning means you have a better chance later in the game.