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Impale Instructions

Unlike most zombie games out where you need to shoot down the undead, the concept of Impale is very unique as you will soon see. The controls are pretty easy to pick up and master - all you need to use is your mouse. Move your mouse to aim for those spikes and red lights. Once you are sure it will hit, press the left click button to toss those helpless zombies and hope for a hit. That's it! Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated.

Impale Walkthrough

"Not another zombie game!" you might exclaim. Well, if you are quite sick and tired of the old fashioned story surrounding the undead I know how you are feeling - a virus breaks out and infects everyone, zombies start their city invasion and quickly take over, and you (the hero) needs to get out of the city and shoot down zombies along the way. Think about it, this has been done countless time and beaten to death not just in online flash games BUT in movies too. Is there someone creative enough to give these flesh eating and rotten smelling zombies a different role? Fortunately, someone is and he brought us a physics based zombie game - Impale.

OK, let's take a closer look at what this game is all about and its mechanics. If you are looking for guns or any sort of weapon, nah, you won't find them here. Impale is a physics based and ragdoll shooting game. The goal is pretty straightforward: there are spikes, spinning blades, hooks, etc. scattered all over the levels. Along with these traps, there are red lights attached to them and you need to switch them off. How? This is the interesting part: you need to shoot those zombies into the spikes and stakes, and when they hit, it switches off the red lights. Finally, a zombie game where the undead is cooperative. By the way, don't let the physics part turn you off. You don't need a rocket scientist level of knowledge to play and enjoy the game. I'm really bad at physics and I enjoyed it.

Coming at you with 50 standard levels, this is a zombie game that will surely keep you on your toes... busy tossing those zombies through spikes, spinning blades, and all sorts of body slicing and impaling traps. To make the deal even sweeter, there are 20 unlockable bonus levels to quench your thirst for zombie violence. If you are someone who never had a lot of luck with average zombie games and shooters and always finds yourself on the not so nice end of a dinner, this is your chance to get back at those flesh eating and mindless zombies. There's no limit as to how many zombies you can throw using your catapult. You can shred and impale as many zombies as your heart delights. HOWEVER, if you are playing this game to achieve a high score, you want to keep the zombies thrown as low as possible... that's especially true if you want to unlock the other 20 bonus levels.

You see, your score per level depends on how many zombies you have used in the process. The less zombies you have thrown to shut down all of the red lights, the higher your score gets. And this is very essential for the unlockable 20 levels. You need to have a total score of 1000 points in the standard 50 levels to open the next 20. Let's do a little math - 1000 points divided by 50 levels means you need to score an average of 20 each. And damn! This is hard to do. I could only manage about 15 to 17 points each level on average. Aside from the extra levels, there are a couple of achievements too like completing Level 49 in 3 shots, completing level 32 in 4 shots, and MORE. All in all, there are 12 achievements and these give you good enough reason to play the game over and over again...aside from the fact that the zombies don't fight back. Dig in and enjoy!