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Infectonator Instructions

Aim and click to spread your zombie virus; collect money with your cursor when it appears.

Infectonator Walkthrough

Infectonator is a highly original zombie game that combines strategy with the mayhem of any zombie foray. You'll have to think of how to play each level carefully, because, instead of playing as humans defending themselves from zombies, or instead of playing as zombies trying to devour humans, you'll only be responsible for infecting a small group of humans.

While you'll be able to use grenades, too, this is the type of zombie game where you'll have to rely on strategy rather than action or shooting. Use your grenades sparingly - you can only have a set amount of them, and they can be expensive.

Focusing on increasing the stats of your infected zombies should be your main goal - it will make some levels much easier. You can upgrade other things, though, too, like the amount of virus you spread at the beginning of each level, or whether the virus you spread can pass through walls. Each upgrade you have to choose from is important, but one of the best you should purchase early on is the upgrade that improves your ability to pick up money. If you max it out, you'll be able to grab nearly all money dropped in any level, and in doing so, you'll be getting much more than you normally would on your own.

Besides upgrades, though, there are plenty of other things to look out for. When you purchase grenades, you should use them on "hero" enemies - unique looking characters that are especially hard to kill. If you don't take your time to kill them, they can really put a dent in your horde. Also, make sure you try to kill and infect as many people as you can - achievements can be unlocked in this particular zombie game, and they'll give you tons of extra cash, too.