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Infectonator! : World Dominator Instructions

Point and click to spread you initial zombie virus; use the number keys to shift through potential special zombies that you want to use.

Infectonator! : World Dominator Walkthrough

Infectonator is unlike any zombie game you've ever played before. First of all, you're not siding with the humans - as the player, you're all about the expansion of the undead, and it's your job to destroy city after city until you completely take over the world.

To begin any level, simply look for a larger-than-normal group of people and click on them; the bigger, the better. This spreads the initial zombie-causing virus. Every town or city has an objective, and if you can kill enough people you'll complete it. Completing objectives will unlock the next city, while completely destroying cities, by killing the entire population - something that is much harder to do, will unlock different countries to travel to.

By upgrading the virus you infect people with you can spread your infection much further, and you can make your zombies' stats stronger. Unlock special zombies to really do some damage while attacking a city. Though you start out in a tiny village in Africa, you'll end up taking on metropolis after metropolis in this zombie game.

If you're having trouble once you've started, try buying grenades to finish off soldiers and cops that are killing off your zombies - though grenades are expensive, killing just a few soldiers can be the difference between demolishing a city and getting your horde eradicated. Next, make sure that you regularly upgrade your zombies' stats - it's probably the best way to spread the infection. If you have a strong initial zombie-army, soldiers and civilians alike won't be able to keep up with the mayhem.

To get ahead in this game, you'll have to make a lot of money - but it's not that difficult. With certain achievements, you'll gain a lot of money, either by killing a certain amount of people, or by destroying a certain amount of cities. If you're having hard time making money, remember that you can return to any city you've beaten before as long as you haven't destroyed it - so when you're looking for extra cash, head back to Africa and hit up some of the smaller cities.

The amount of upgrades, special zombies, and achievements this game offers is incredible - but what really stands out is the amount of levels. Based all on real cities, you'll have to play this game for a long time to destroy every city it offers.