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Insectonator: Zombie Mode Instructions

Insectonator: Zombie Mode is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Mouse your mouse to aim and to shoot. Use the spacebar to display your inventory. The P key pauses the game.

Insectonator: Zombie Mode Walkthrough

Insectonator: Zombie Mode is the sequel to the shooting game, Insectonator and retains the same general gameplay of the previous game. In this iteration of the game, you must kill zombies instead of smashing bugs.

Insectonator: Zombie Mode features three game modes: Annihilator, Killer, and Selectioner which are carried over from the previous Insectonator, and the new "Don't Touch my Gems" mode. In Annihilator mode, players must destroy all zombies on the level. In Killer mode, players must kill the specified type of zombie. Once that type of zombie is killed, the next target will be given. Selectioner mode assigns quotas of zombies types to be killed. The new game mode present in this zombie game, "Don't Touch my Gems" mode, is the only mode that can actually be failed. Your objective in this mode is to kill zombies before they reach your gems.

Although specific targets are given in Killer and Selectioner modes, it doesn't hurt to kill other types of zombies. If you want to get the job done faster, you should only aim for your targets, but you are not penalized for killing other types of zombies; in fact, you will earn additional points! Since you will not be penalized for doing so, it is a good idea to aim for zombies carrying explosives to cause chain reactions that will slaughter groups of undead.

Like its predecessor, Insectonator: Zombie Mode features a wide variety of weapons. Weapons are earned after completing achievements in this zombie game. You may press the spacebar to bring up your inventory and select weapons or use the Z and X keys to cycle through your arsenal. I prefer the use of firearms due to their greater damage potential, but remember that knives and other melee weapons do not have to be reloaded. This is especially crucial in "Don't Touch My Gems" mode.

If you played the first Insectonator, you will be right at home smashing zombies in Insectonator: Zombie Mode. See if you can reach 132% game progress in this addictive zombie game!