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Last Line of Defense Instructions

The control scheme of Last Line Of Defense is a little more complicated than your average zombie games, BUT with a little practice, you should get a hang of it in no time. You need to use both your keyboard and mouse... and your reflexes have to be pretty good. Use the mouse to: (1) shoot down enemies, (2) buy modifiers, guns, super weapons, etc. On the other hand, you will have a lot of items (guns, mods, bunker support, and super weapons) in your arsenal. To keep them in control and easily accessible, you need to assign hotkeys to them. The numbers 1 to 4 are for your rifles. The numbers 5 to 8 are for your modifiers. The letter keys A, S, and D are used for super weapons, and last BUT not the least, the letters W and E are for bunker support. Quite complicated BUT it shouldn't turn you off as this zombie game packs A LOT of fun!

Last Line of Defense Walkthrough

The domain of men have gone into chaos and collapsed as the Ravager virus has mutated almost everyone into blood thirsty zombies. You, together with a handful of others, form the last line of defense! Pooling your remaining stockpile of rifles, special ammunition, bunker defenses, super weapons, etc., you need to fend off the impending onslaught. There are 25 waves of Ravager hordes (actually, more than 25, I'll explain later)... and man, these guys are relentless!

When the last line of defense falls, then humanity falls!

This zombie game is a combination of FPS and tower-defense... and one that come out REALLY excellently. It's bloody, it's full of violence, and it's hard! For one thing, the weapons are quite expensive. How about $85,000 for a .50 caliber machine gun? That said, there are a couple of workarounds I came up with. In the first few levels, you'd do best to save up. Skip the other guns and go straight for the M4 Carbine. Don't even bother with the .50 cal machine gun. Next, go for the Cryo modifier. Why the Cryo? Well, this modifier gives you the chance to take down an enemy even at full health and freezes its target. When you are facing tons of jumpers, lashers, and Ravagers, this is VERY valuable. These guys are so hard to take down and their ranged attacks make them an even greater pain in the butt!

Why not the Kinetic Mod? For those of you who don't know it, the Kinetic Mod is unlocked by signing up for MochiMedia. It's nice - it stuns, knocks back enemies, and deals double damage. HOWEVER, unlike the Cryo, it doesn't have the chance to insta-kill an enemy unit.

As for the super weapons, these work wonders, BUT they are, just like many of the advanced rifles, are awfully expensive. Not to mention their cool down seems to take forever. At first, the Artillery and Apache Support would be more than enough. HOWEVER, when you are in the final 5 levels, these super weapons won't cut it. You need to upgrade to something that's MORE explosive. Personally, I want to fill my inventory with the B2 Bomber, Satellite Rain, and Rav Nuke. They are expensive, BUT they are all worth it when it comes to bringing destruction to those ravagers.

Moving forward, let's now check out the Bunker Support. There are a couple of items in the store, BUT initially, the $1000-repair should cut it coupled with the Defense Engineer. BUT when you are up against tons of heavy-damaging ravagers, you want to change that to Full Repair ($15,000) and Composite Defense, which does a good job of reducing the damage dealt to your bunker by half.

If you get past the 25th level, congratulations! It's NOT over yet BUT that's quite an achievement already. The next levels are impossible to beat. I was able to get to the 33rd wave BUT that's as far as I can go. The cash you get from killing the zombies are almost next to nil... which means you can't buy what you need to survive.

The graphics are great, the game play is really challenging, and there's a lot of zombie blood - there's nothing more you can ask for in this zombie game!