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Lone Survivor Instructions

Move left with 'a'. Move right with 'd'. Move up with 'w'. Move down with 's'. Sprint by holding 'shift' and the directional keys. Enter Bullet Time with 'space'. Throw a grenade with 'g'. Change weapon with number key 1 through 4. Reload with 'r'. Pull an object with 'e'. Kick with 'f'. Aim weapon with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Left handed players change weapons with 'n', 'm', '.' and '.' and use arrow keys to move.

Lone Survivor Walkthrough

Lone Survivor is an excellent zombie game that puts you in the center of a whole bunch of zombie killing mayham. In this game your name is Jonathan Brown Mayfield and you are the lone survivor of a zombie attack that has taken out everyone you know and care about; including (possibly) your wife Sarah. You have to fight your way past the bodies of your fallen comrades through phase after phase of zombies to make it out alive. Each phase brings more zombies and therefore, a higher level of difficult. Along the way, however, you will find a wealth of weapons, ammo and grenades to help make the trek a little easier. This isn't an easy game so if you are looking for a challenge, you have found it with with one.

Lone Survivor is a hard game to get the hang of simply because the controls can be a little tricky to master. Although you will use the same standard controls common most online zombie games you move around quite freely on the screen when you're under attack, so getting control can be difficult. That said, with a little practice, you can definitely improve.

The key to Lone Survivor is to focus on your navigational keys - whether you use the right handed or left handed controls - and keep your distance from the zombies when you have a gun to use. You aren't able to shoot while you are moving, so try to get to an area that is open, stand still and shoot. Keep your finger on the reload key so you don't have to waste time looking for it. Once zombies get their hands on you, the damage builds quickly and it doesn't take long at all for them to rip you limb from limb. Make use of your grenades as well. While you are moving away from the attack, pause, and throw a grenade into the midst of the attacking zombies. You won't be able to take them all out, but it will at least thin out the herd. Don't be afraid of back tracking too far. It may seem like you'll have further to go but it will be worth it to stay alive.

Overall, Lone Survivor is one of the most addictive zombie games online. If you take the time to read the military journal, you'll find yourself getting drawn into the story. The graphics are on par with what you would expect of a zombie game without being too flashy or distracting. This is a great game well worth checking out.