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Lord Of War II Instructions

Buy and upgrade towers using left mouse button. Place towers using mouse and left mouse button.

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Lord of War II is an excellent zombie game that breaks away from the mold of typical zombie games and adds a heavy dose of strategy, planning and careful thinking. Is this game, the goal isn't to aim and shoot, but rather to construct towers to defeat your enemies as they attack. You will need to find a balance between the gold you have and the towers you build to successfully complete each level. This isn't always an easy task.

The premise of Lord of War II is fairly basic, which isn't terribly unusual for zombie games. You are given a maze 'creeps' will enter on the left side of the screen and follow to the right side of the screen. The goal is to prevent the 'creeps' from reaching the right side of the screen by killing them. You aren't given a gun, however. Instead, you are given the ability to build towers that will do the dirty work for you. Each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses and will cost a different amount of gold. The least expensive tower, 'The Santinel Tower' is your basic tower. You start with 100 health which makes it capable of withstanding a decent assault from your enemies. It delivers 9 damage points to the enemies it hits although that can be upgraded to 27 damage points. It has a speed of 5 although that can be upgraded to 15. It's range is 100 which can be upgraded to 130. This is a pretty good all purpose tower and only costs 25 gold but you won't want to use these types of towers alone passed the first few waves of the game.

The Canon Tower is also fairly basic providing the same health, speed and range as the Santinel, but it offers more damage points in an attack (15 damage points that can be upgraded to 35). It costs a bit more, but it's worth it for the extra damage it provides. The Fire Tower, which costs 75 gold is worth saving for. Its initial health is 150 and it delivers 30 damage which can be upgraded up to 90. The trade off is that it's a bit slower with a speed of 5 that can only be upgraded to 14. Considered with the additional damage it delivers, though, it's worth the slightly slower attack. The Fire Tower also offers a wider range starting at 100 but upgradable to 140 as opposed to 130.

The three towers you will definitely want to save your gold for in Lord of War II are the last three towers you can buy; the Crystal Outpost, the Elf Tower and the Wizard's Layer. Both the Crystal Outpost and the Elf Tower can be upgraded to reach up to 150 with an initial range of 100 but health they begin with and the damage they deliver are where the real benefits lie with the Crystal Outpost starting with 250 health and delivering 75 damage which can be upgraded to 204. It costs 110 gold but it well worth it. The Elf Tower will cost you 175 gold but it starts with 130 health and delivers damage of 130 which can be upgraded to 320. The speed on both of these towers isn't bad at all with the Crystal Outpost starting at 5 and upgrading to 14 and the Elf Tower starting at 5 and upgrading to 13. The Wizard Lair is the most expensive tower costing 250 gold, but it delivers an initial damage of 200 which can be upgraded to 530. Initial health is 350 which is the highest of any of the towers but the trade off is a big one. The initial speed is the standard 5 but it can only be upgraded to 10.

The best way to get anywhere in Lord of War II is to combine the use of the towers, upgrade them all as much as is allowed (just click on the tower and click on the upgrade), and place them carefully. Placing a strong tower like the Crystal Outpost, the Elf Tower or the Wizard Lair at a curve in the maze will help you cover more ground and deliver more damage. Use the basic towers (the Santinel and the Cannon Tower) to cover the end of the maze, and pepper the beginning with Fire Towers and Crystal Outposts.

Overall, Lord of War II isn't really a typical zombie game at all, which is what makes it so appealing. In a genre like zombie games, it is hard to keep things new and fresh. Lord of War II definitely accomplishes both of those tasks.