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Marching Zombies Instructions

The control scheme of this game is as straightforward as it could get. Being a tile matching game primarily, you will play the game almost entirely with your mouse.

Marching Zombies Walkthrough

The undead in this zombie game are NOT out for a casual troll. They are out for blood and they are marching... and they are marching in your direction! You got to do whatever you can to stop this advance. And in Marching Zombies, it isn't as simple as pointing a rifle to their heads and pulling the trigger. This game combines simple tile-swapping puzzle element with strategic defense game play that is centered very well on upgrades.

Marching Zombies puts you in the not-so-fortunate shoes of a farm owner who has to defend his animals from the relentless advance of hordes of zombies. BUT worry not! You have A LOT of weapons on your disposal. There are grenade launchers, animal traps, laser turrets, air strikes, and other advanced defense systems that you wouldn't normally find in a farm! But where will you get the dough for these weapons and upgrades? What's your currency? Swapped and matched tiles!

The game is divided in 2 main game play areas. First there's the tile-swapping mode where you will spend most of your time on. You will spend most of your game time swapping puzzles and making them match to stop the zombies' advance. If you are not swapping tiles, then most likely, you will find yourself in the upgrade shop. As mentioned earlier, this zombie game is upgrade-centered. You need to outfit yourself with the RIGHT weapons, traps, and defensive systems. It can make or break your game if you are careless. That said, I would HIGHLY advice looking and examining the items in the shop before the next round starts.

OK, now it's time to move to some specific tips and tricks that will help you play the game better. While there are strategy guides for this strategically rich zombie game, this should help you get started in the RIGHT direction.

Marching Zombies Tips And Tricks:

Tip 1: The brains and hearts are very handy and very essential. Do NOT just squander them. Use them when you need them the most.

Tip 2: Quickly gathering resources is VERY crucial in this game. You need to make the BIGGEST tile matches that you can find. You see, your items - weapons, defenses, etc. consume resources at a VERY fast rate. Your resource gathering should be faster. Trust me, you will thank yourself when later in the wave, you have enough resources to go for that devastating air strike.

Tip 3: Offense is the best defense, even in this game. Unleashing weapons and attacks buys you some time to swap those tiles and fuel up your resource bank even more. Attack whenever you have the opportunity.

Tip 4: Matching those sword tiles attacks the lead zombie in the line. Along with that, you also gain resources for matching these blocks. That said, matching sword tiles should be a priority for your clickity mouse.

Tip 5: Items that slow down the advance of those zombies can be A LOT more useful than you believe it is. They buy you time to make more matches, gather more resources that you can use for something MORE devastating.

Tip 6: Going back to hearts and brains, these are clickable items. Clickable items disappear after use. HOWEVER, you can swap them with other tiles by choosing that tile first and then the clickable item. This should help you make important matches that will turn the tide of the game in your favor.

Tip 7: Here's a reminder - the zombies don't stop attacking when you are buying and equipping items while on the puzzle part of the game. You should either have lighting reflexes or everything should be in place before the round begins. You don't want to waste any moment in this zombie game.

Tip 8: Do NOT focus on one type of item or defensive system. Diversify! You should spread your cash and get a good mix of items and defenses. For example: turrets and fans work wonders. The fans slow down the zombies while the turrets deal damage as they slowly advance.