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Minifig Zombie TD Instructions

Select towers using left mouse button. Place towers using mouse and left mouse button.

Minifig Zombie TD Walkthrough

Minifig Zombie TD is a unique and addictive zombie game that pits you against waves of zombies who want nothing more than to follow the path from their graves straight to your home. Naturally, this is something you want to avoid. Instead of sitting on your front porch with a shotgun waiting to blow them to bits, you've decided erecting towers along the path is a much more convenient way to go about things. Beats sitting on the porch all day and night.

What makes Minifig Zombie TD so much fun is the fact that it's so different from all of the other zombie games online. There are many, many games that can give you your zombie slaying fix in wonderfully gory fashion, but there's something refreshing about a game that does things a little differently. The great thing about this game is that it is not only unique, but it's also quite challenging. This is a game of strategy and careful planning. You only have so much money you can spend and you need to make sure you leave yourself enough money for future levels. The game gets much more difficult as it advances so make sure you leave yourself the money you will need to defend yourself.

Overall, Minifig Zombie TD is a simple game with basic, yet entertaining graphics that will take you away from the world of typical zombie games for a while and force you to use your brain. It's definitely a game everyone who wants a good zombie game should check out.