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Modern Sniper Zero Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Pause using 'p'. Reload using 'r'

Modern Sniper Zero Walkthrough

Modern Sniper Zero is a great online zombie game combining the fun of zombie games with the fast reflexes and quick thinking of first person shooter games. In this game, you are a sniper and it is your job to protect your VIP from the attacking zombies trying to make him lunch and get him to the safe zone. Can you kill all the invading zombies and keep your VIP safe? It's more difficult than it sounds.

Modern Sniper Zero gives you great rifles and upgrades you can use to make your rifles better, but it never stops being challenging. You may find yourself getting a bit frustrated in the beginning, but keep playing. You'll get used to the controls and get a better handle on how to target your enemies which will make the game easier. Those familiar with first person shooter games shouldn't have as much of a hard time as someone who doesn't, but this zombie game is challenging for even experienced players.

Like with most zombie games, you can kill the zombies in Modern Sniper Zero with shots to the body but a head shot will take them out right away. It takes a while to reload in the beginning of the game, so wasting bullets on shots to the body isn't a good idea. Focus on head shots. Aim is everything. Hit the head the first time as often as you can. Careless shots will make it very difficult to get your VIP to the safe zone.

The best thing about Modern Sniper Zero is that it perfectly marries zombie games and first person shooter games so that it offers something everyone can enjoy and will please fans of both game genres. Zombie game fans will love the fact that they get to shoot zombies while sniper fans will love the fact that they get to shoot at all.

The graphics in Modern Sniper Zero are rather basic, but about on par with this type of game. Your screen is black aside from the area through the scope of your sniper rifle. You need to stay on your toes. Zombies will attack from either side so make sure you keep you eyes peeled. Overall, this is a great game that will keep you coming back time and time again. Beginners are going to have a hard time at first, but with a little practice, the game will get easier. You'll get used to aiming and get better over time. The great thing about this game is that while it takes practice to get good, practice is a lot of fun.