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Monster Mowdown 2 Instructions

Monster Mowdown 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. The spacebar is used to call in plow trucks.

Monster Mowdown 2 Walkthrough

Monster Mowdown 2 is the sequel to the zombie shooting game, Monster Mowdown. Monster Mowdown 2 features sprite graphics similar to those of its predecessor, but contains more dynamic gameplay, numerous upgrades, and a variety of weapons!

The objective of Monster Mowdown 2 is to protect the truck from waves of enemies until the clock ticks down to zero. If the truck's health is reduced to zero, the game is over. Your progress is not saved, so you will have to start from the first wave if you lose or start a new session.

Monster Mowdown 2 features simple controls similar to those of its predecessor. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. Shots will come from both the helicopter and the truck. The helicopter will also follow the mouse as you move it. Press the spacebar to call in plow trucks to clear enemies. You may only call in the plow trucks five times per wave, so use this function wisely!

After each level of this zombie game, you will have the chance to purchase upgrades using money earned by killing zombies. The helicopter pilot's weapon can be upgraded, but the missile weapon on the van cannot be upgraded. When buying a new weapon for the helicopter, make sure that you remember to equip it! Aside from weapons, you can by extra gunmen for the helicopter and van, acid rain, lightning, and repairs for the van.

Monster Mowdown 2 is a relatively easy shooting game which makes it ideal for casual gamers. Holding down the mouse button and shooting to the right can kill enemies off-screen before they pose any threat. Also, while the van can be harmed by zombies, your helicopter cannot. If you are in store for a major challenge, then avoid buying all of the upgrades in this zombie game.

Monster Mowdown 2 is an addictive zombie game and a vast improvement over is predecessor. This shooting game may be easy for hardcore players, but it is great for casual gamers or for taking a break.