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Necronator Instructions

Being one of the strategy zombie games out there, the control scheme of Necronator is NOT as crazy or complicated as other action packed games. As long as your mouse is in good shape, you should be good to go. A couple of clicks to summon some monsters, some clicks to tweak your spells, I'm sure you get where I'm driving at. Onto the game...

Necronator Walkthrough

Who says being evil is a piece of cake? Well, at least that's one of the lessons you learn at Necronator - another wicked zombie game from Toge Productions, the same guys who developed Infectonator. Raising massive hordes of monsters, overrunning a kingdom, squelching the resistance of the good guys - these are just some of the stuff on your to do list, and they are by no means easy!

Being the unseen overlord (which is the case in most strategy games whether it's a zombie game or not), you have the power to summon monsters from a portal located near a town. Your mana is your campaign's lifeblood, your currency. Using mana, you need to raise an army of undead. Once you have enough destructive power at your disposal, it's time to storm the locals, shred the peasants into pieces, destroy the guards, take down buildings - in simpler terms, destroy everything in sight!

Yeah, being evil is hard work BUT the hands on nature coupled with the delight you experience when you succeed more than makes up for it. Infectonator, Necronator's older brother, was more of a "Drop the bomb and hope for the best" kind of game. Necronator is a CORRECT strategy game where you are in control of almost everything. With different monsters at your disposal (skeletons, orcs, zombies, those are just to name a few), a couple of unlockable heroes (or villains in this case), myriads of spells you can use to unleash unstoppable devastation, there are different strategies and tactics you can use. Just don't lose sight of the goal - be as evil as you can get!

By the way, the monsters and spells can also be beefed up depending on how much mana you have. You can upgrade how fast it charges as well as the strength of your spawning portal. By the way, your portal is EVERYTHING. If the spawning portal is destroyed, you can no longer spawn more monsters into the map and it will only be a matter of time before the angry locals find their way to you and destroy you.

Be on the offensive and earn money. Keep on attacking villages. The nice thing about this is that even if an attack fails, you still get to keep the cash and you can use it to make your army larger and more lethal. YES, folks, being evil means tough business, especially when the good guys are pretty decent at resisting as in the case here in Necronator.

Are you evil enough? Can you dispose the good guys and be the supreme and unseen overlord that governs all? There's only one way to find out. Play Necronator!