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Night of the Cursed Instructions

A top-down perspective zombie shooting game, the controls of Night Of The Cursed shouldn't come off as a surprise for you especially if you have played zombie shooters before. For the basic movement, you need to use the standard W, A, S, and D keys. Alternatively, you can control your character's movement using the arrow keys, although, personally, I find that to be a little awkward. When it comes to shooting down your enemies, you got to use your tried and tested mouse: (1) Move the mouse to aim with the crosshair. (2) Once you are all set, press the left click button to shoot. Depending on your gun, hold down the left click button to fire continuously.

Night of the Cursed Walkthrough

A good combination of zombie games and shooters PLUS some nice elements from the good, old, and addictive tower defense games. Add them altogether and this game is what you get - Night Of The Cursed. The plot of Night Of The Cursed is anything but new: zombies have invaded the city, and you together with Ella are the only survivors. You need to gear up as night comes and zombies come from left, right, and center... all of them itching to have you as dinner. Whether you will survive the night or end up in their plates, it all boils down to how good you are at positioning yourself and your shooting skills. Told you, there's nothing new here... except for the fact that it has some nice tower defense elements.

Instead of the usual game play where you need to go to safety... say reunite with other survivors, fly out of the city, etc., in Night Of The Cursed, you are in a shelter and you need to hold off the zombies from there. No, it's not like you will lose life if the zombies make it to the other side of your shelter (which is typical of tower defense games). HOWEVER, when zombies do get near you, you will lose some life. See that health bar on the topmost portion of the screen? Once that runs out, it's game over for you. Along with that, there are a lot of upgrades, weapons, and traps to be bought after every round a la tower defense. All in all, there are 25 of them. With the difficulty and number of enemies increasing after every round, you sure don't want your points / cash to just sit there. You want to maximize your killing potential by buying more of these upgrades and weapons.

Night Of The Cursed comes with 2 game modes - first, we have the Story Mode. In Story Mode, you need to cooperate with Ella (she's AI driven by the way) to fend off wave after wave of zombies. Enemies will come from all directions so it definitely helps to have someone to back you up. And man, this girl sure knows how to shoot. BUT keep in mind, she's just as vulnerable as you are against zombies so provide her some cover too. On the other hand, we have the Survival Mode. In this mode, you are given 20,000 points / cash to spend. Use it wisely to beef up your defenses with traps, purchase new and more powerful guns, and grab some upgrades to increase their killing and firepower. Once you are all set, the timer will start ticking, and hordes and hordes of zombies will attack.

Onto the visual effects and design of this game, it's nowhere near to zombie games and thrillers we grew up with like Silent Hill, Resident Evil series, and the rest of the gang. HOWEVER, comparing it to other flash based zombie games out there, Night Of The Cursed is, without a doubt, head and shoulders ahead of the average zombie game. The design of the characters, lightning, etc. - they are all nicely done so this game is getting a thumbs up from me in this department. Summing things up, Night Of The Cursed, while it doesn't offer anything new in terms of background story, is still good enough. I recommend it.