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Nuclear Zombie 2000 Instructions

Nuclear Zombie 2000 is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. The Z or L keys are used to jump. The X or K keys are used to shoot. Press the spacebar to cycle through weapons, or select them directly by pressing the appropriate number key. The P key pauses the game.

Nuclear Zombie 2000 Walkthrough

If you were around for the turn of the millennium, you may recall the Y2K bug. Some people speculated that the Y2K bug would be the end of civilization as we knew it. Of course, this never happened in real life, but Nuclear Zombie 2000 takes an alternate look upon history. Nuclear Zombie 2000 is a platform game with sprite graphics and 8-bit audio that give it a retro feel. This zombie game also features an amazing MIDI-style soundtrack reminiscent of old Apogee games.

The objective of Nuclear Zombie 2000 is to escape the nuclear power plant before time runs out. Along the way you will face hordes of undead mutant zombies and other creatures that are out for blood! If you fail to escape in time or are killed, you will have to start over from the beginning. This zombie game does not have a save feature, but achievements are retained between sessions of the game.

Aside from the mouse-controlled menu interface, Nuclear Zombie 2000 uses all-keyboard controls. The arrow keys (or WASD) keys are used to move your character. The Z (or L) key is used to jump. The X (or K) key is used to shoot your current weapon; this key may be held down for rapid-fire. Press the spacebar to cycle through weapons, or you may select weapons directly by using the number keys. The pistol is drawn by using the 1 key, the submachine gun is drawn with the 2 key, and the shotgun is drawn with the 3 key.

Nuclear Zombie 2000 is challenging, but it certainly can be beaten. Using the right weapon for the job is important in this zombie game. You start out with the pistol, which is good at long range but does not have a decent firing-rate to deal with enemies close to you. The submachine gun is similar to the pistol but lays down a steady stream of firepower that is capable of dealing with enemies at close range. Finally, the shotgun is an excellent weapon for close encounters, but is inadequate at long ranges due to its spread. If you need more ammunition, but sure to pick up weapon icons dropped by dead enemies.

Nuclear Zombie 2000 provides an excellent take on a historical what-if scenario of the year 2000. If you are a fan or run-and-gun platform games, then you will love Nuclear Zombie 2000; just be glad that it's only a game!