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Pandemic Instructions

The controls of Pandemic isn't complicated at all especially when you compare it to other zombie games out there... especially those that are action packed in nature. For the most part, you need to use your mouse - for interacting, dropping the virus to open ports, upgrading your strain, and everything else in between. HOWEVER, don't think that this game is a piece of cake. This may not be a shooting zombie game, but playing it is just as exciting and thought provoking!

Pandemic Walkthrough

There are only 3 things you need to do in Pandemic - (1) Evolve (2) Infect, and last BUT not the least (3) KILL! For now, forget about those zombie games where you defend your trailer or your city and shoot down the undead intruders. Nah, this ain't it. This is a game where you get to create and evolve your own virus... and using that deadly virus, you need to wipe out humanity. If you have been thinking about what it's like to be a mad scientists, one who develops biological weapons, this game will surely be you cup of tea!

Before anything else, here are some reminders: (1) you CAN infect Western Europe, it's 100 percent possible, BUT just hard. Some say you can't, but that's far from the truth. (2) "May be dangerous to play if you are epileptic" - that's what the game said. I'm not too sure why. (3) Patience is a virtue! You will not get any points on your first few turns. Calm down, don't slam your head on the keyboard. Once you infect new people after a couple of turns, the points roll in.

The goal of this zombie game is pretty straightforward: you need to kill as many humans as possible. HOWEVER, you are given only 200 days to do that... to wipe out mankind. YES, you are playing with a ticking clock and when the clock beats you, a cure will be developed and it will end your existence. GAME OVER! So use the points you earn wisely, use it to evolve into a new and deadlier strain of virus.

Stuff To Keep An Eye On: (1) Airports - these are represented by those airplane icons. Open airports are your best buddies. You see, when infected people fly to another country, so does your virus. With the help of airports, you get to spread the virus without lifting a finger. (2) Water Facilities - when it comes to infecting a whole country, taking advantage of water facilities... contaminating them, is the best way to go. When you tap into local water facilities, the virus is spread faster than usual.

Buttons: (1) The Go Button - As the name of the button suggests, this starts the simulation. Each time you use the go button and a simulation is finished, a day will pass so go easy on pressing this button. (2) The Virus Button - this pulls up the virus editor. From the said section, you can upgrade your virus, tweak the visibility, the fatality, symptoms, and everything else in between.

Alright, I guess that's about it. That's about everything you need to know to start playing Pandemic and bring the world down to its knees!