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RABID Instructions

Move right using the right arrow key. Move left using the left arrow key. Jump using 'space'. Run by holding the 'shift' key and pressing directional arrow keys. Power punch with 'a' or 'z'. Normal punch with 's' or 'x'. Kick with 'd' or 'c'. Select mode of play with numbers 1-4.

RABID Walkthrough

Rabid is a classic online zombie game in which you have to take out all of the zombies that enter the room you're in without allowing them to kill you. Sure it sounds simple, but with nothing other than your feet and your fists to fight with, it can be pretty difficult. That single fact - no guns and no weapons - makes it different than most of the other zombie games online which also makes it appealing. The beginning stages may be slightly easier than someone looking for a challenge will prefer but newcomers to the zombie game genre should find the challenge of the beginning levels is perfect. The game gets much more difficult as you progress though so novice players will likely have trouble getting through later levels, but experienced players will appreciate the new challenge.

Rabid offers four modes of play you can choose from within the game to make the challenge a bit easier to handle. Mode 1 (Normal Mode) is the default mode you will start the game in. This mode offers the fastest energy regeneration which is a great benefit if you find your run out of energy a lot during the game. Mode 2 (Def Mode) offers an improved power punch but your energy refills slower. The biggest benefit of Mode 2 is self-repair which enables you to have significantly increased defense. Mode 3 (Speed Mode) gives you a great speed boost although your energy will not refill quite as quickly. Mode 4 (Drilling Mode) gives you a much stronger attack and increases the amount of damage punches and kicks deliver. Your energy will refill slower but may be worth it if you are surrounded and need to defeat enemies quickly. As I mentioned, you start the game in Mode 1 but if you want to return to Mode 1 while playing in another mode, hit the '1' key on your keyboard. Select Mode 2 by hitting '2' , Mode 3 by hitting '3' and Mode 4 by hitting '4'.

The great thing about Rabid is that it combines typical zombie killing action of traditional zombie games with the quick thinking of fighting style games. The game is challenging and the graphics are a bit on the basic side, but it's a fun game that will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. For the experienced player that finds the beginning stages too easy, stick with it. It gets much harder as the game progresses.