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RABID 2 Instructions

Move right with the right arrow key. Move left with the left arrow key. Hold 'shift' key to run. Jump by pressing 'space'. Perform power attack with 'a' or 'z'. Punch with 's' or 'x'. Kick with 'd' or 'c'. Perform additional attacks by holding up or down arrow keys and pressing the key for the attack you want to perform. Pause the game with 'p'. Turn sound off or on with 'm'. Exit the game by pausing and then hitting 'x'.

RABID 2 Walkthrough

Rabid 2 is a great online zombie games that combines zombie games and fighting games. In this game your only purpose is to take out every zombie, mutant or other weird creature that appears in the level. Take out all the enemies to move on to the next level.

Rabid 2 starts off relatively easy like most zombie games. The enemies are easy to kill and although they gang up on you are fairly easy to evade. If you're surrounded, move to one side of all the enemies even if it means taking a little damage. This way all of the enemies are attacking from one direction which makes them much easier to deal with. As you progress in the game, however, the enemies get tougher, attack in greater numbers and are better able to defend themselves. You have different modes of play to choose from though, so you have greater control over just how difficult the game gets.

To select a new mode of play in Rabid 2, hit the number of the mode you want to play. There are five modes of play altogether. Mode 1 is normal mode. This is the mode you will start your game in. Mode 2 is energy mode. In this mode you can use bursts of energy to stun enemies but in exchange, your attacks on those enemies does less damage. Mode 3 is fire mode. You will use up more energy for each attack but you will also unleash much more damage. Mode 4 is speed mode. Your defense is lessened in this mode, but you move much more quickly and you can perform attacks much faster. Mode 5 is drill mode. The best part about drill mode is it enables you to use a weapon that will fire a projectile and impale your enemies. Your normal attacks also inflict much more damage.

Keep an eye on the upper left hand corner of your game screen when you're playing Rabid 2. You need to watch your life bar, your defense bar and your energy bar. All of these things are critical for successfully getting through this game. Run out of energy and you won't be able to attack or defend yourself. Run out of defense and your defense is much weaker. Run out of life and you're dead. I suppose that one was obvious.

Overall, Rabid 2 is a challenging and fun online zombie game with lots of options and extras to keep you playing. The addition of different modes of play makes the game slightly easier, but it remains challenging enough to stay interesting.