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Radio Zed Instructions

The control schemes of Radio Zed is a little more complex than your average zombie game. You will use both your mouse and your keyboard a lot in this game - press W to jump. The A button is for moving to the left and D for walking to the right side. If you need to use the door or the stairs, use the S button. By the way, if you want to, you can use the directional key alternatives for these buttons... though, personally, I find them MORE awkward than helpful. Once you have enough cash and have filled your inventory with weapons, you may want to cycle through them. To select weapons, you can use the numeric buttons / keys 1 to 9. To move to the next or previous weapon, use the Q and E buttons. By the way, you have 2 AI comrades at your aid here... to command or order them to change positions, press F.

Radio Zed Walkthrough

The goal in Radio Zed is quite different from other zombie games out there - protect your radio transmitter from the onslaught of zombies! You along with your 2 friends are stuck in a small town... with your supplies running out, there is only one hope left: the radio transmitter ontop of your roof. This is your only hope for salvation, your only tool for getting help.

The problem is, the radio transmitter is still silent, not to mention the zombies are attracted to the signal. You need to use your guns and everything at your disposal to stop them cold. You are not alone here, you have 2 AI controlled comrades and both of them have 3 upgradable skills (you have 7 skills though).

Just like most games from Armor Games, this is a fine production... a point and click zombie game which has a touch of tower defense. After every round and every wave, you can buy upgrades... and make sure you do. Don't let the points and the cash just sit there. Those amassed points are pointless (no pun intended) if on the very next round, the zombies penetrates your defenses and get their hands on your precious radio transmitter.

Barricades, weapons, your character's attributes like speed, damage, accuracy, and health - these are just some of the stuff you can upgrade. Every weapon comes with an upgrade BUT of course, you need to grab the weapon first. The zombies are quite tough - the gun you get at the beginning of the game doesn't deal enough damage to take them out early... with that in mind, investing in BIGGER guns that deal heavier damage sounds like the way to go.

Along with that, the reload time for your default weapon takes years... you want to make sure that every shot counts. The last thing you want to happen is to be taken over by the zombies because you are busy reloading. Aim for the head as much as possible - a few shots in the head could send an undead back to its grave. All in all, this is one of those exciting zombie games / tower defense from Armor Games that will surely keep you busy for the hours to come.