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Raze Instructions

Just like most shooting zombie games out there, in Raze, you need to use your W, A, S, and D keys for movement. Well, you can use the arrow / directional keys too BUT personally, I find it awkward. To jump, just hit the space bar button and that's it... for double jumping, just hit it twice or you can hit the W button twice instead. Taking down enemies is pretty simple - aim with your mouse, once the cross hair is where you want it to be, hit the left click button to pull the trigger. That's it! Alright, you have a couple of firearms at your disposal and you may want to cycle through them. To do just that, use the Q and E buttons. Alternatively, you can use the numeric buttons 0 to 9 to make your pick. If you need to pause the game, no biggie, just press the P button. To check your scores (which is bad and demotivating if you are feeding a lot), hitting the Tab button will bring it up.

Raze Walkthrough

Nice graphics, tons of customization options, non stop action - if this is your thing, Raze is a game you simply should check out! It has all of these and a whole lot more. Here's the idea in Raze: you take your side. You can go head to head and fight against aliens, robots, and zombies. You can choose to fight for humanity, or if you want to be the bad ass guy this time, you can choose to fight for earth's destruction.

The very fact that this game was created and developed by Armor Games makes it a MUST play. Just in case you don't know, Armor Games is one of the best studios and developers out there. It's all pretty obvious with the graphics. While many zombie games and shooting simulators are fun, not all of them are at par with Raze's graphics quality.

Showcasing up to 15 levels in the campaign menu, you can easily find yourself spending hours and hours in this shooting zombie game... keeping you glued at your seats with your eyes fixated on the monitor. Customization - this is another strong point in the game. There are a lot of presets for your character's looks - from head gear, armor, all the way down to your foot gear... you are guaranteed to find a design or a combination of designs that you like. Heck! You can even tweak the way your character speaks. Want him to speak like a robot? What about like an alien or like a battle hardened soldier who curses a lot? It's your choice dude and you get to do it all the profile creation section.

Weapons - what would be a zombie shooting game without them? Here's what: in Raze, you have a total of 10 weapons to choose from - Magnum T2, Bio Uzis, Assault Rifle, Zapper - these are just to name a few. Play the game to check out the whole array of weapons you can lay your hands on.

I can go on and on talking about the game... BUT all of this talk is nothing compared to the action brought by playing the game itself! Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.