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There's nothing finger twisting or hard about Rebuild's control scheme. To play the game, all you need to have is a mouse that works perfectly fine. That's it! Being a Sim's like kind of zombie game, decision making is way more important in this game rather than fast reflexes. Let's take a closer look...

Rebuild Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for a survival sims kind of game with some nice elements of defense and strategy games genre tossed in, Rebuild is one of those zombie games you should check out!

Instead of actually pitting you against zombies, you need to manage your own town. Nah, you won't be put in the thick of the battle... your role is too precious to risk you just like that. Using your mouse, you can send survivors to do the leg work for you. The game takes place after the Zombipocalypse. YES, the zombies have taken over the whole place and you are in control of a small group of survivors who are doing whatever they can to stay alive.

At the game's initial phases, you get to give your town a name, your character, as well as pick their gender. Once that is done, it's time to start fending off zombie attacks and start surviving. You will be taken to a randomly generated map screen - this is where you will spend the whole game. You and the survivors will start off with a small space of land - something as small as four blocks. With the supplies running out, you better expand. Reclaiming pieces of land is straightforward - (1) send in soldiers to eliminate the zombies in the building you want to reclaim (2) send in builders who will extend the fence around your new property. If you want to play it safe, before sending your armed forces, you can also send in some scouts to explore an area and look for feed. You can also send your diplomats to find survivors.

By the way, every action takes a couple of days to complete. When you are all set, when you want to end a day, just click the End Of Day button.

To survive the aftermath of the Zombipocalypse, you need a lot of stuff - you need food which can be scavenged from buildings or you can produce them through farms. You also need survivors - lots of them, since they will do the fighting, building, and scavenging for you. Oh! By the way, the happiness of your survivors is also a HUGE factor. To give them a shot of cheer, why not build a bar or a church?

Oh! And one last thing, don't even think about just turtling it out, venturing only occasionally. Guess what, bands of roving zombies will try to get inside your settlements. You need to have guards at defensive buildings and have enough power to ward them off. And no, you don't have control during these attacks. All you can do is beef up your defenses before these offensives and hope that you have enough soldiers to keep the bad guys at bay. Don't get eaten!